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Double Digits
I have a kid in the double digits.  That’s just ridiculous. Last Thursday Kelby turned 10 (gulp!) and, just like every
birthday eve, as I tucked her in on Wednesday night I told her the story of her
birth.  I told her again how stubborn she
was in not wanti...

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another great swim season!
our little swimmers had an awesome season!  both kevyn & natalie improved so much from last year!  and as it is with most sports, they seemed to be finding their groove just as the season comes to an end.  a few moms and i have vowed to find an indoor pool ...

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put a fork in us... we're done!
our last week of school was a doozie!  monday was a holiday.  tuesday we had neely's pre-k graduation.         neely had such a sweet pre-k teacher.  she will surely be missed.  i can't believe that kid will be in kindergarten next year!   . wednesday kevyn...

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dance recital + surviving the blue bell famine of 2015
anyone else in central texas sick of the rain?!?  it seriously has rained everyday for the last three weeks.  historically, by memorial day we are praying for rain in church as many in our rural community are farmer or ranchers and depend on rain.  this yea...

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easter 2015
brrr!  don't let the shorts and short sleeves fool you...  easter this year quite chilly!  so much so that our original plan of hosting our family easter at a local park was changed to easter at our house where we could get away from the wind.  the girls lo...

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not giving up!
so what do you do when you temporarily black out and forget about your blog for oh, i don't know...  6 months?!?   you dump a crap ton of photos over the last 6 months into one post and call it a day.  ;) bam! i'm withholding easter pics with hopes that i c...

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kevyn is 6!
last weekend we celebrated kevyn's birthday at the local bowling alley.  this is the third party i've thrown there as the options for parties in our small town are scarce.  but the kids love it and enjoy playing the janky arcade games probably just as much ...

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spitz reunion '14
i've really been slacking here...  this post has been sitting in my drafts for a few weeks.  i decided yesterday that today i needed to find the time to write some brief commentary and then post for all to see.   labor day weekend we were able to spend the ...

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port aransas round 2!
this summer we were lucky enough this summer to visit port aransas twice!   once with jeff's family and once with mine.   the girls absolutely love the beach and get right to work with their sand castles and sea shell collecting.  not to mention all while w...

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Hi all!  We are deep
in the heart of summer and loving every bit of it!  No homework. 
No cheer practices, soccer practices or swim practices.  Our evenings are open to do whatever we
please which is a rare treat! Although the girls are enrolled in the Sons...
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