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Another one this morning. What the fuck?!?!

They go into a guy's house, put him in cuffs, THEN taze him multiple times because he wasn't cooperating enough, and the guy dies on the scene.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that they will find no crime was committed.

I wonder what the story would have been if there was cell phone video of the arrest.
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Easy fix. All cops must have video footage. If they fail to then it's five years in the lockup.
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Don't worry, the police are looking into it and as long as there is no further video, they'll have a perfect explanation.

I'm just wondering how scared the Baltimore police were - because the amount of fear an officer feels determines if a crime was even committed.
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Moar copwatch!
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Just because you shot the unarmed suspect, does not mean you weren't scared. 

So no crime occurred? 

I guess if we have anything less than video evidence of an officer shooting a citizen in the back, then it looks like they will get away with it. 

Good to know. 
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He was comin' right at us!
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Never internet in real life. 
Liz Quilty originally shared:
Vim > Emacs #GeekArguments  
Two men are hospitalized after an alcohol-fueled argument began over which phone is better: iPhone or Samsung.Tulsa police say a woman found a man covered in blood, stumbling around the parking lot...
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Android, of course
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Christians believe that God exists and wants to talk to us - and He made a great big book for you to know Him. 
...........and most christians haven't read it. 

Sure, they have read FROM it, they know some verses, and on some holidays you might even read LUKE! 
But who has the time to actually read the whole Word of God?
Who has the time to read 66 short books? That might take WEEKS!!!
No, it's only God's Word. No need to actually read it, my religious leader will tell me all I need to know about it. 
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I'm surprised anytime a christian reads the bible and stays christian 
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Ryan “IT Lab” Drewrey

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Chapter 11: Atheism, Agnosticism and the Brain: Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?
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+Isao Black Narf!

The same thing we do every night, Pinky...
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Even when the cops do get arrested and charged with crimes, the majority of them go free anyway.

This server and protector killed a kid for the offense of sleeping on the couch.

No crime was committed. 

He gets to go back to work, by the way - he didn't as much as lose his job. 
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In a 2 hour standoff, with a bunch of cops with guns and body armor on one side, and a man with a knife and a bible on the other - so of course it ends with the cops shooting the Fuck out of the mentally ill dude.

Anyone want to guess if a crime was committed?

I'm sure the police will investigate themselves and arrest any wrongdoers. 
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couldn't see anything, except once I saw the back of a policeman. Nothing was clear. You got good eyes: you saw something I didn't. I didn't even know rubber bullets were fired. Never used them in HPD. Lesson here is: drop the knife when you're asked. Knife wounds don't hurt or kill less if the wielder is mentally ill. According to the audio, the cops were very patient until the shithead charged, then he was escorted to the choir invisible. 

I did in fact, face a deranged man with a huge Crocodile Dundee style knife in a bedroom. I was with another cop and we had our backs against the wall on either side of the door. We had just gotten training in our new 25" batons, and I was aching to use it, I figured (wrongly) that I could knock him on his ass before he could slice or stab me. I ordered him to drop the knife, and he did, after some thought. I didn't keep up a chatter, because, hey, your brain has to be clear when it's life and death. My partner was also quiet. We didn't draw our guns. Later, we discussed our tactics and said from now on, one of us draws the gun and doesn't talk.  
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‪#‎justsafarithings‬ ‪#‎nofilter‬ ‪#‎extendedselfiestick‬
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Uuum. Is there anyone in charge of monitoring this? 

This is how we get Ape Lincoln, guys. Do you want that??
A troop of chimpanzees in southeastern Senegal are proving to be a continued source of surprise and amazement for primatologists. Not only do members forge weapons to hunt, making them the only known group to use tools to injure or kill prey, but it turns out that females actually engage in this behavior more than males.
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Like rise of the machines.
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My god will save us!
No. My god will save us! 
Italian police say they have arrested 15 Muslim migrants after they allegedly threw 12 Christians overboard after a row on a boat heading to Italy.
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HA ha
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 "Whatever, go have fun playing in your lady box"

>"It's a She Shed! We've been over this!"

".......That's what she shed"

>"We're getting a divorce"
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>no A/C
>outside in elements
>bugs every where

1/10 for name.
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