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Let's keep an eye on the name Marlene Pinnock

She is back in police custody, let's make sure she gets back out in one piece. 
The woman who was videotaped by a passing motorist being punched by a California Highway Patrol officer as she wandered along the side of the Santa Monica Freeway in Los Angeles has been arrested in the...
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Legislation will only solve one of these problems. 

The other might get in the way of a constitutional right. 
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Trick question - the answer is "neither - they don't care about gun deaths, and are doing everything they can to perpetuate voter fraud because it's the only way they can win elections."
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This mother of two complained about a police officer. 

Later that very day, she gets pulled over by multiple cops for a safety belt violation, so the cops drag her to the floor and kick the living crap out of her while her children watch. 

I'm sure it will be found justified though, I mean look how scared those officers look. Their very lives are in danger.
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These dirt bags deserve to have criminal charges brought against them with jail time.
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When you keep letting cops get away with anything, they start to believe they are doing the right thing. 

Deputy Richard Nye has been investigated for excessive force complaints 21 times in the last 7 years. 
3 of those were in the last 2 months. 

At least one while he was supposed to be on desk duty.

And I'm sure he thinks he is a hero, stopping crime in a way other cops are too afraid to. 
A Sherrif's deputy has been caught on video three times in just two months in excessive force incidents, making for a total of 21 complaints over 7 years.
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We need peace officers, not paladins. 
The Houston County Administrator said after speaking to a local attorney and the county's insurance carrier it was determined a lawsuit over the decals would be too expensive.
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...only if they wear platinum heavy armor. And carry lots of holy water. 
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I like guns, guns are cool and fun. 

But if you keep on saying that guns will make people safer, and gun laws don't do anything to prevent gun violence, you are wrong. 

It's not an opinion, it's not a belief - when you look at the numbers, it shows that the more guns per capita, the more gun deaths and mass shootings. 

You can like guns, and defend your right to have them - but don't believe the bullshit, it doesn't make anyone safer. 

h/t +Joe Lancaster 
Fuck the NRA. They've become like the Tea Party. Blinded ideology and fighting against the interests of the average person for their rich masters.
After the Sandy Hook tragedy, reporters often called me to ask for information on firearms. They wanted to know whether strong gun laws reduced homicide rates (I said they did); and, conversely, whether permissive gun laws lowered crime rates overall (I said they did not). I discovered that in their news articles journalists would write that I said one thing while some other firearms researcher said the opposite. This “he said-she said” reporting...
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I don't think that even the NRA's members understand that it is nothing more than an industry funded PR shell. 
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I'm liking these new laws that make cops fill out a report for every stop, frisk, arrest, and use of force. 

They say it will cause tons of undue paperwork and won't fix any problems because there are no problems to fix. 

How do I know this is a good move that will help the community? Because the cop unions friggin hate it :-P
Activists hailed the law, but police union leaders complained it would create more paperwork.
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Public buildings are no place for your religious propaganda. 

Put 10 commandment monuments in front of all the churches you want - but keep them away from court houses and the like.
John Estus, a spokesman for the state Office of Management and Enterprise Services, said the 6-foot granite statue now will be installed outside the offices of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, 1401 N Lincoln Blvd.
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+Wolf Revels - they did it in the middle of the night - Oath Keepers get their power from sunlight, everybody knows that
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It's not a magic bullet to the problem, but it could go a long way to fix a problem out of control
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And assuming that a victim of a negligent shooting is in it for a big payout is simply disgusting. Do you listen to yourself?
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People forget that abortion is part of artificial conception.
It's not about saving babies, it's about keeping poor people poor by taking away their options.
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I remember something in the news a few years ago about , I think S. Paul wanting to force the fertility clinics to keep all the viable embryos, so there has been some discussion, but not much.
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Ok. Who put wifi in the crypt?
mfw it's almost Halloween 
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The Crypt Keeper watching Elvira online? 
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What really would have blown his mind is that the devil doesn't exist, and there is no party in hades awaiting his arrival. 

Instead, a bullet blew his mind - that works for me too. 
We’re learning more about the 26-year-old gunman who killed at least 10 people and wounded several others on an Oregon community college campus.
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