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Well look at that. 

If your town wants, it can fire all the cops - exit from the drug war - and crime drops 60% and police shooting drop to 0.

Now, this may not be feasible for every city, but I kind of like the idea. 

And if they kill somebody - they face the music just like regular citizens - none of these special cop laws that protect their homicidal peace keepers. 
The community of Sharpstown, Texas decided that they didn't need the police any longer. They made a controversial decision to fire the local police department and hire private citizens, granted no special rights that ordinary citizens do not have, to keep them safe. That was back in 2012, and since then, Sharpstown residents say the private security company, SEAL Security Solutions, have done a...
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Awesome! Let me know when you have data on that :)
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When the Oath Keepers showed up to Ferguson, I thought it was going to be a disaster. 
Oh and it has been, but for completely different reasons. 

See, the local Oath Keepers came down to Ferguson, and sided with the citizens instead of the militarized police ground troops. 
And then they decided to arm the citizens in an exercise in open carry rights.

But there's the rub - the citizens in Ferguson are black. 
The nationwide Oath Keepers are a mostly white organization. 

Now, the local Oath Keepers that showed up and armed Ferguson did not think that their group was full of racists - until The national leadership of the Oath Keepers movement pulled support from the Missouri chapter’s planned open carry march.

Now there's a fight. The heads of the Oath Keepers are not OK with black people with guns - because "that ain't what 'Merica means" or something...
The renegade Oath Keepers are sticking with their plans to march alongside Ferguson citizens with their guns out - even if they have to change brands or fall back to older groups.

If you are a gundamentalist, but you don't like the idea of arming black people, well then it never was about the constitution at all was it? 
“I can’t have my name associated with an organization that doesn’t believe black people can’t exercise their First and Second Amendment rights at the same time."
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The founding purpose of the Black Panthers was to have black men (and later, grudgingly, women) educated about open carry and doing so.  That got them labeled the most dangerous organization in america by the fbi.  There's a long tradition of being extremely upset at the thought of armed minorities.  This, however, is an unexpected twist on it.
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Cops get caught lying on camera.
Cops get fired.

What the hell? It actually worked?
Good job, do that more. 
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Thank for your picture, Robenson
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Ok whatever. Just get here. How fast are you going?

>well that's kinda tricky too.......
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Although I really liked what the catholic church discovered last week concerning whether sin exists in the center of black holes.
The difference between science and religious dogma. Only the (wilfully) ignorant and arrogant theists claim Goddunit all.
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"In fact, the rate of indictments has increased by 5 times over the course of the last 5 months, according to data compiled by criminal justice professor Philip Stinson."

Now lets see if we can get a jury to convict, and get a judge to make it stick.
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Send the abuse of power police to jail
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Rules of Acquisition #111 - Treat people in your debt like family... exploit them.
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Once again, a baby shoots itself with a gun that was purchased with family safety in mind.

When will people get it? Guns do not protect families nearly as often as they destroy families.

These people thought they were different though, they knew how to safely own a firearm. They had nothing to worry about, and they had a gun to keep them safe if anything went wrong.

If your gun is available enough to be useful in an emergency, then it's available enough for a baby to shoot itself.
If your gun is put away in a safe place, then it's not available in an emergency situation. 
Police say mother brought child to St. Mary's Hospital with gunshot wound
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And when you equate any kind of self-restraint around guns with 'Let's just tear up the Constitution completely.'  then you're not really looking for anything more than a way to protect your binkie.
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Make eye contact with a cop - get pulled over.
Avoid eye contact with a cop - get pulled over. 

Land of the free.
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The gall of people to think they can get away with EXISTING in the same spacetime as law enforcement.
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Police Union: How DARE you investigate our officers after they shot a teenager in the back.
The way it works is that the city attorneys will get a report from ourselves clearing ourselves from the shooting we, ourselves did. 

Now the lawyers and prosecutors are not just taking our word on if something is justified or not - now they are investigating BEFORE we have an official position. 

Don't they know they might catch us in lies and force us to release evidence?
Don't they know this might end up with one or more cops serving time in jail? 

If we kill a teenager by shooting him in the back and tell you it's justified, you are supposed to simply believe us - don't you know how this game is played?
The Circuit Attorney's office will conduct a simultaneous investigation separate from the police inquiry.
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Things have always worked like this therefore they must always work like this ....
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Shooting that white kid in the back for no reason is making us look bad, so we should do something to counteract that......

Yup - hiring a PR firm sounds like the best and only solution. 
After "losing" files showing the prior negligence of the officer who killed an unarmed teen, the department hired a PR firm instead of releasing video of the incident.
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Police abuse their boundaries.
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A lot of people around the web are missing the point to the Ashley Madison hack.

The point was not to out cheaters - it was to prove how shitty the security was - and to prove Ashley Madison was not discreet or secure with user data.

This wasn't about exposing cheaters - especially since most of the users weren't cheaters and were chatting with fake profiles anyway
This was about exposing Ashley Madison for being a shitty company that was making a ton of money by cheating their own customers. 
The company's security was bad, the hackers say.
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If thought you had to be a loser to need a dating site, you're an even bigger loser to need a site like this.
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