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I'm deathly afraid of people getting away from me. 

So, I'm free to return to duty, right? 
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You know, one of these days - I just might believe it when the cops say that they had to shoot a teenager in the back and kill them, because their life was in danger.
But not this time. 

This time Zack died because he was going to get away from a pot sting.
He was driving away, and the cop shot him twice in the back while he fled, and Zack is dead.

I would use the officer's name, but the police are withholding that. They have already determined their own cop is innocent and should be protected at all cost. But don't worry, they'll let us know if they decide they did anything wrong. 

And before we know it, the cops will drag Zack's name through the mud - release unfavorable toxicology and/or criminal history - while they will NOT drug test the SHOOTER, or release his history of interactions with the public - THEY WON'T EVEN GIVE US HIS NAME!! 
All they tell us about the cop who shot the teenager is that he is innocent. 
Seneca police won’t release the name of the officer who shot and killed Zachary Hammond, 19, on Sunday night, angering lawyers for Hammond’s grieving family who said the refusal is a double standard and that “the more sunlight on
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If they were doing a sting, shouldn't there be video?

If you are trying to catch a drug dealer in the act, wouldn't that be recorded? 

I wonder if that video is on a computer somewhere......
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I think we should bring gun control up to the standard we have for cars and driving. I don't see why owning a gun has fewer rules than owning a vehicle. 

We are careful about which people are allowed to drive cars.

We have required testing in place, and if you can't pass a written and live proficiency test, you are not allowed to drive.
You must be able to see clearly, there is an insurance component, cars are titled and the title is regulated in a number of ways. 

Just because you buy a car from a family member or pawn shop does not mean you get to drive it around without a license and registration. 

If we get a bit of a handle of guns, something close to the freedom and access we have with cars - I think much fewer people will get killed each year. 
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I say we simply require each person who wants a gun in their home to train with the local NG unit at least one weekend a month. Because we need a well regulated militia.
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Mandatory termination for not wearing your vest cam, or having a camera malfunction right before a use of force. 
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Glad to see the SFPD is getting appropriately put into the news.
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$2 million in debt.
Gem powers still not activating. 
George Zimmerman told a Spanish language television station he is now homeless.
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Ant J
Why are we STILL making him relevant?
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That's deep.

About 2 meters.
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Bulge in pants
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Can't wait to hear the excuse for this one.

Cop slams 61 yr old grandmother to the ground and puts her in a coma during a traffic stop. 
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I'm just loving reading the comments with the police apologists attempting to defend excessive force.
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123, as easy as DWB
As simple as Don't shoot me, I can't breathe, You can't flee
Baby you and me, dead
In addition to police incidents, another major problem drew national attention in July: deaths behind bars.
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Let's name an exoplanet Pluto!

Take that elementary school astronomy!
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It's not like he did anything horrible, like change lanes without signaling.....

Could you just imagine for a second if a cop was taken to jail for killing an unarmed suspect on a Friday - and even if he had the money he had to wait until Monday to see a judge? 
After spending only one day in jail, Officer Ray Tensing has already been released on bail following his indictment for the murder of Samuel DuBose.
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Bob Lai
Meanwhile, a woman was in prison three days and allegedly committed suicide for not signaling her turn.
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High speed pursuits kill hundreds of cops. 
They kill thousands of suspects, and thousands of innocent bystanders who just happened to be there. 

In only a tiny percent, are these people murderers or violent offenders - they often are facing minor traffic citations or arrests for insurance or registration infractions. 

So why do we still do them?

Because cops find it fun, they are never at fault, and have nothing to lose. 
At least 2,400 innocent bystanders were killed in police car chases in a 35-year span and thousands more were as officers repeatedly pursued drivers for minor offenses in hazardous conditions and at high speeds
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Why do we still do them? Because DHS hasn't made cruiser mounted RPG launchers available to local law enforcement yet.
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I've been dual booting Fedora 22 and Windows 10 TP, though admittedly windows 10 only ever gets booted when a new build comes out. I install, play for 20 minutes, decide "Yup, still Windows" and boot back to Fedora.
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