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When long tail meets viral
Well, not really viral, just busier than expected. Here is a screenshot showing all time traffic stats for this blog. The absolute traffic volume of this blog isn't very exciting (nor very high). As you probably noticed, what is interesting is the recent sp...

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Dirty, dirty devops
No this isn't an opinionated rant about devops culture or anything. Its just a couple of hacky scripts that let me play with sensu quickly. I want to play with  as an alternative to Nagios and Zabbix etc. I've already got a nice git re...

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How to ask about connectivity issues
So you're trying to connect one system to another using this newfangled TCP/IP stuff the kids are using these days. But what's this? It doesn't work? As well as a bit of background to the problem, you should provide at least the following: Has it ever worke...

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Is this a fork from a previous version? I've got a back log of issues to raise if so. I'll happily help write unit tests, although I'm not sure about how to do conditionals for omnipotence in ruby. For example: ruby -e 'puts "god" if true and false' always outputs "god".
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