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Hey Mama,
Even on the worse day, was it all worth it? Would you change a thing? Put those kids back where they came from, and never look back? In the moments of frustration and even grief (and those moments do come) with our children, when they are being so foolish and illogical...when you cannot get through those thick skulls...would you wish you'd never had them?
Or when things cool down, and the moment is past, do we recognize the gift of God's hand, and know that He is growing us right alongside our own children. It is a testing ground for us all.
They are not perfect. They will mess up. We mess up, yet God is always right there with His mercies new and fresh every morning. Never will He leave us. And deep down inside, we know we could never, ever turn our backs on those precious ones God has tasked us to raise up for His glory.
Take heart. Enjoy the good days and basque in the joy. And when your heart is low, look up. Find your perspective, for this trial too, shall pass. God is on the throne. He sees it all. Nothing escapes Him, and He makes all things GOOD for those who love Him.
His hand, Mama, is on your head tonight. No matter what you're going through. You are sheltered by your Father, the perfect Parent. No fear.
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A great article that is right on time with the season....
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"Life Lessons from the Resurrection Story" by Sharon Shirey
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Speech and Debate..... Have you considered this as a course for your homeschool students? Take a moment and read this article on the subject-" The Activity that Transformed My Life" by Olyvia Chinchilla
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Speech and Debate..... Have you considered this as a course for your homeschool students? Let's talk about this topic today.....

"The Activity that Transformed My Life – By Olyvia Chinchilla"
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Hey Mama,
So you have boys. Some adjectives now that come to mind (I can say this accurately, I believe, because I have four boys along with my 3 girls) ---
1. Messy
2. Loud
3. Germy
4. Aggressive
5. All over the place
Fast forward a couple decades. Let's look at those same boys you have raised up in the Lord, Mama. Ready?
1. Self-governing. Able to clean up a garage in a flash. Makes his wife happy because when she's overwhelmed, he rolls up his sleeves and pitches in with the kitchen and bathroom. His Mama, over the years (didn't happen overnight) taught him by example to be sensitive to the needs of others and to work hard at all he set his hands to.
2. Bold in speech, not a pansy. This man was raised with conviction. He was allowed to grow up strong, not thrown to the world at a young age, and tutored by a Mama who knew she should raise up a little man who one day could stand his ground, know his own mind, and speak with confidence to anyone, about anything.
3. Germs. Yeah, as a little kid he was kinda gross. He's got stories now that even his Mama didn't know he did. Like...they used to eat ants when she wasn't looking (true story in my house). Gross. But times change when you grow up. He was taught health/wellness/nutrition as he grew up by a Mama who wanted him to leave her home one day well prepared to function and be well. Besides, technically ants are high in protein. He keeps that knowledge in his back pocket...just in case.
4. Aggressive as a baby (he bit hard). Aggressive as a toddler - he literally would sneak up on his siblings and bowl into them, making them cry. Aggressive as a teen; he got in trouble plenty of times for that. Now as an adult, he's even-tempered but a wise and ready provider and protector over his family. He'll lay his life down for them. He had parents who had that same philosophy - he knew no one was getting past his dad. He was safe...and now his family too, as far as he has breath, will feel that same security he did growing up.
5. Fully able, full dependable, his Mama is so grateful to know him. She notices that as she gets older, her son's sense of responsibility and care towards her grows more keenly. She knows that in her old age, if there is trouble, he will be there. She needn't worry. She raised a good boy. She raised an honorable, lovely, God-fearing man.
As you walk throughout your day, Mama, tending to that little loud cracker jack, look at him through the lenses of time; God has truly blessed you. And I think down inside, you know it.
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Thank you...Blessings
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