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Canning Jars -New v Used
If you can't tell, I'm on a canning kick.  I came across cheap chicken and it snowballed.  Strawberries and rhubarb are in season here, but I haven't gotten to those yet. I was probably down to about 3 dozen empty jars in my stash.  Over the last few years ...

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I Was Born
I wanted to share a little bit about me beyond the basics you may already know.  Most people know I was a nerd long before Sheldon Cooper made it cool.  But before Star Wars and Harry Potter I lived in another world that now seems so far, far away...    I s...

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It's time you knew, Unless you already do...
Hellllooooo friends and relations!  Been a while.  Sorry about that.  Things have been a little hectic.  Ok, most of you know I took a tumble and ended up having ACL replacement.  Unfortunately I fell again after surgery.  And then again, and again, and aga...

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TV's Are Ugly
Well, that about sums up this post. I started this post the day before my gravity check adventure so I thought it was about time  I finished it. I've never been a fan of TV's beyond their entertainment value.  I'm sure there are people who have the ability ...

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Renting v. Buying... for us
I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but we don't own our farmhouse.  It is a rental.  I know a lot of people feel that this is just a waste of money, however there are valid reasons for choosing this option.  Let me say first off, that we are f...

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My First Mustard Seed Piece
Been working on Christmas ornaments like you would just not believe.  Our town square Christmas Open House is this weekend.  It's another first for me and I'm so excited!  Tomorrow, I'll have some gorgeous trees to show you.  But that can wait :) Not sure i...

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A Giveaway!
Hmmm What to do this Wednesday afternoon? How
about a giveaway?! Just for fun, let's say 6 of the new Burlap Placemat's.
Standard size, they are fringed on each side, with a longer fringe and white
trim detail on one side.   Just in time   for Thanksgiving ...

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THE Cabinet Curtain Tutorial
Good Sunday Morning friends and relations!!  I had an email asking about THE cabinet that almost made me cry.  You can click it if you missed it.  Anyway, I made a curtain to go on the inside of the cabinet doors.  I previously replaced the glass in another...

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Practically Free Fall Table Pretties
When I was little I spent alot of time with my Great-Grandmothers.  Each had their own unique phrases and vocabulary that now make me smile when I think of them. If I left my toys in the floor, my Grandma Marietta would say, "Don't forget to pick up your pr...

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Hallowthankmas Begins
Well, I didn't wake up with the intention of working on Christmas before Halloween, but it just happened.  I found out this week that our town square open house will be the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I was determined that I wouldn't display Christmas bef...
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