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Join the Resistance
Come play Ingress! And especially if you live in Turku area: join the Resistance Blue Team. We have far, far less players than the Enlightened Green team. If you live in South West Finland (and unless you enjoy the tedium of having not much to do except assist current players trying to completely crush the underdog) : join The Resistance now! Turkulaiset can contact me to arrange a tutorial in English, Finnish or Swedish. :)
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Spring clean-up of portal submission queue is going on.
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We've noticed a mass of rejections today. . Of some perfectly legitimate portals. .. is something up?
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Don`t touch Resistance Agent`s scanner :D
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So if I understood correctly Niantic/Google is providing players' "location" openly to world through their APIs without restrictions.
Open letter to Niantic Ingress regarding IITC usage : I have read many posts and heard from many people about bans for using IITC...

I have never used IITC so until recently I have never felt great sympathy for those banned for using it: if you break TOS - that's the risk you take, right? ...

Then one day this year I was speaking with a fellow player and I asked them to pull up the Ingress Intel map on their device to check a portal we were discussing, as it rarely works on my phone ...

"What the heck is that?!" I asked, leaning across and not recognising the strange looking map. "It's the IITC map" came the equally surprised answer.

When I tell I have never used IITC people assume I mean "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" because it seems after a little investigation that the vast majority of players, on both sides, do use IITC, so it seems incredible that I genuinely have not!

I was a bit horrified but I figured looking over someone's shoulder at IITC, one time, especially for the sole purpose of seeing what it actually is, rather than gaiming any intel, would not be reason enough to get banned...

Then when I saw what this map can do I was truly horrified / amazed. There was a little marker showing where I had last been - and a little line showing my progress across the city. But I had only deployed half filled portals - this doesn't show in comm! ...

How naïve I have been! I thought many times I have been operating 'under the radar' unless someone happened to be scrutinising every action on the Ingress Intel map, which I assumed was relatively unlikely. ...

One time a Green player mentioned they tracked my routes and noticed a change to my usual patterns. I was very creeped out by that and wondered who on earth would go to so much trouble and how on earth could they even do it.

Now I know. It is still a little creepy but I see that it takes no time nor effort to track a player as long as they do something, if they use IITC ...

The person knew of posts in closed groups from both Resistance and Enlightened players with screenshots from IITC. After a little investigation I verified this. They explained no serious player operates without it. ...

I have over 10 million AP in 6 months of gameplay: twice as much almost as anyone else, on either side, in the city where I play. I am a serious and dedicated player but I have never used IITC. ...

However, I now see why the vast majority of players do use it. I asked for a quick demonstration of IITC, showing me the features without giving me any 'use' or knowledge from it.

Most people will laugh when they read this: how could she not know? Well: because IITC is banned so I never used it! But now I saw that IITC shows if someone has visited a portal, shows how potential links will work, shows AP gain for different areas, allows sorting of portals by faction ... and more and more and more ...

So now I got quite depressed. I realise all this information is theoretically obtainable from the official Ingress Intel map, but in reality I cannot possibly gather and calculate and present this information the way IITC does. Especially as I have no computer and use the Ingress map, when it works at all, on my phone only.

So what is the point of all this? To ask three things of Niantic: FIRSTLY: either allow use of IITC or make your own map as useful as IITC. You are basically putting the minority of players such as myself, who do not use IITC, at a great disadvantage.

It is unfair and unjust that because I always stay well within TOS - Niantic are not allowing me to operate on a level playing field. I would buy a device capable of running the Ingress map immediately if it gave such useful information as IITC.

SECONDLY: remove bans of people if their only transgression was using IITC. I can clearly see that it is a greatly valuable resourse and I imagine planning large fields (in which I personally am not involved) is nigh on impossible without using IITC.

THIRDLY: If I understand correctly IITC only uses data provided by Niantic. Please consider removing the issuing of data concerning players' 'passive' gameplay.

If I choose to attack or destroy or capture a portal, I believe it is fair that people have access to that information. But if I choose to quietly hack and deploy / upgrade a little, I see no reason why my every movement needs to be displayed to the world.

Niantic does not endorse IITC, but it knows it exists! So you are knowingly giving information about players' passive actions, allowing their movements to be tracked.

I wonder: if someone breaks into my home or I am assaulted because Niantic are providing tracking information about even my passive gameplay : would Niantic feel in any way responsible?

Of course the answer is to stop playing or just stay at home. But I started playing Ingress as a way to lift me out of depression and get me out of the house.

Niantic: this IITC issue will eventually force me to stop playing, through a mixture of frustration that I am playing disadvantaged because I keep within your TOS and fear for my own and my home's safety because you provide information which allows me to be tracked, when I have made a choice to play 'off comm' passively.

I adore Ingress but these issues with IITC must be addressed and soon.

Thank you for reading. Greetings from Heter in Finland.

#Ingress #Niantic #IITC
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