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When Trello support for tasks?
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Thanks you Eric

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I guess Business Tasks is included per default in BC2 but where is Toodledo sync capability ?
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We are 2 to hope then :)
Calendar without tasks won't do it for me :)
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Is Toodledo sync planned (instead of just import) ? as when a task is marked as achieved in toodledo, no need to keep it in time tracking.
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'When a task is finished on PlanMyDay, this status is saved in Toodledo." This is interesting. Would it be possible to do the same with dropbox ? ie support a task management software that do the same with dropbox (like 2do for example). This allows not to rely on a subscription service like toodledo.
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Hi,  i installed the last stable release for Galaxy note over a nightly and at reboot, the carbon logo is displayed since 30mn, is it the normal process ?
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Wow... anyway thanks for your info. Yes, i backuped with go backup, never tried a restore yet with it, i guess it's the opportunity to test it... I also guess it's the opportunity to test a different rom than carbon as it puts device data and configuration at risks too much unless someone knows a working update path. I've just made a dirty install of the previous build, it boots and all seem to work, at least if something work the wrong way, i can still retrieve some things before a clean install. At the end, that makes me suggest features proposed by some rom : a utility alerting the user of a new release and with agreement does this update easily and nicely.
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Alexandre Emeriau

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I only see i9100 Samsung Galaxy S II (Intl) on the download page  Where can we download cyanfox for galaxy note ?
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We're waiting for the Intl. SIII builds..
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Free Upgrade for BC 1 PRO Users

But i'm always asked to pay for upgrading. How does it work ?
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For web interface, for sure, it would be cool but in the meantime we can use some things ourselves. For example, if a good toodledo sync capability work is done by BC, we have the toodledo web interface. OK, this one is not so much cool, but then we can also have a sync between toodledo and things like podio which is better, OR we also have some  quite good desktop app syncing with toodledo so at the end solutions that allow to wait a web interface if we first have good tasks features in BC such as 2DO.

On a second level,  i agree, if a web interface was here, i hope an API would be there too as i would clearly suggest 1 or 2 time tracking software dev team i know to rely on it so we would have time tracking on our BC tasks.
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My suggestions :
- during a time tracking session, force the screen to not switch off because of inactivity
- automatic dropbox backup
- automatic pauses every defined x minutes with an audible signal
- toodledo sync
- making suggestions right from the app
- being able to change fonts & colors
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You mean automatic toodledo sync or manual import ?

Making suggestions right from the app = just a link from a planmyday menu which opens a prefullfilled mail, ie subject already fullfilled, content mentionning the planmyday release.

For suggestion your ask, i would make it more appealing visually, when you see something pleasant for the eyes, you already hide part of what appeared as complex, people take care less and want to dive in beauty :). Look at Swipetimes Time Tracker for example, it's more complex than planmyday. Now look at the rating (good) and the comments (they are congratulations on the design, do you see people telling it's complex?).

I basically began to suggest font & colors changes made by the user but maybe you could take some inspiration for your slide left panel (today, finished, inactive) and task list :

For Left side panel, i would take example on 2DO app where the slide panel has good looking but also can stay on screen. This panel could list the toodledo folders.

For task list, i would take inspiration on Trello, each sliding column containing a task list related to a project (trello sync feature would drive people to your app by the way, especially the ones who don't want to pay a toodledo subscription).

So, on gui side, a trello like general layout and a 2DO GUI like task list inside this general layout. Their design is simple, smooth, clear and pleasant. We don't see these app as more simple than Planmyday but actually, they are more pleasant to see and use. This is appealing and i don't see people telling they are complex. Colors contrast help to organize zones and so help the mind to quickly identify what he is looking for and if it's pleasant along the path, i see it as a win.
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Alexandre Emeriau

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Merci pour cet article, super découverte.
Les session sont stockées dans une base de données plutôt que dans memcache par exemple ? Peut-on utiliser ce dernier à la place ?
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HL Google+ Facebook Twitter CV Blog Photos Github Hub social Appartement à vendre à Toulouse · Blog Logo 11 Jan 2014 on node.js, Express, security, modu. Passeport pour le SSO. Gérer une authentification en Node.js n'est pas aussi évident qu'avec PHP. Il existe plusieurs façons de ...
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Once carbon is installed, where is the good gapps download to use with it ? If we go there for example, it's apparently for CM
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Thanks texas and bill, good useful infos. Since near one week i can't access anything from is it the same for you ?
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GravityForms ( ou Quform ( pour la construction de formulaires personnalisés ?
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Ok, GravityForm aurait donc notre préférence en y mettant le prix, et en ce qui concerne quform par rapport à contact form ?
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