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Giuseppe Carrubba
Anche se voi vi credete assolti siete lo stesso coinvolti.
Anche se voi vi credete assolti siete lo stesso coinvolti.


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La Reuters chiede ai suoi fotoreporter freelance di inviare solo .jpg generate al momento dello scatto, il file RAW sembra essere stato messo al bando sull'altare della velocità, ma bisogna contestualizzare prima di giudicare una scelta che può sembrare poco professionale.
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18 Calculated Metrics you can create in Google Analytics

Setting up the new Calculated Metrics inside +Google Analytics is easy and can provide you with additional insights about your audience. In this blog post I give you 18 ideas to get you started and how to set them up.

Here’s a quick summary of the Custom Metrics covered:

• Pages per User
• User Goal Conversion Rate
• User Ecommerce Rate
• User Conversion Rate
• Average Goal Completions per User
• Sessions per User
• Events per User
• Event Conversion Rate
• Event Goal Completions
• Page Navigations
• Total Value
• Value per Session
• Value per User
• Revenue per User
• Pageviews per Transaction
• Weighted Goal Conversion Rate
• Non-Bounces

And my favorite...

• Non-Bounce Rate

Read the post for details on how to set these up at

#GoogleAnalytics   #Metrics  
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One Hour From Google On Duplicate Content

Are your clients still confused by duplicate content? +John Mueller dedicated an entire hour to it this week. Have a listen! #SEO  
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Cartelloni pubblicitari su Google Street View

Forse si e pure a pagamento.
A giudicare da questo tweet pare che sia stato depositato già il brevetto...
ma si sa ancora poco

la differenza tra online e offline è sempre più sottile... 
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"What’s more, these arrogant programmers also think others are beneath them in terms of intelligence. They’d usually assume people who need comments and who don’t understand their code are too dumb to work with them, but never try to think about why people don’t understand their code."
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Referer changes for ad clicks

We are updating the referer of ad clicks to improve security and system reliability for users searching on Google.  Starting within October, the referer for many ad clicks will only contain the Google domain from which the click occurred (domains like or  This means that we will no longer be communicating specific paths such as “” or “

While the referer will no longer differentiate Google’s organic search clicks from ad clicks, and in some cases may be absent entirely, there are still multiple strategies to track the origin of your clicks.  Recommended strategies include:

+Using auto-tagging (gclid)
+Using custom campaign parameters (utm)
+Using ValueTrack parameters

This change is a continuation of our general user security efforts.  Users are safer when sites use HTTPS instead of HTTP, which is why we encourage the use of HTTPS.  In fact, in August 2014 we began to use HTTPS as a ranking signal:

By default, browsers do not pass a referer from HTTPS sites to HTTP sites.  To minimize advertiser disruption, we implemented a custom ads solution back when the Google search page migration to HTTPS took place. Now, many modern web browsers provide better control over referer behavior via the meta referer tag.  This development is an improvement over our previously-implemented custom ads solution both in terms of reliability and latency.

Posted by Christopher Souvey, Senior Software Engineer, AdWords
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