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Why do we have problems in our life?

The root of every problem is desire, now desire here can be anything, it can be desire for life, desire for benefits of a relationship etc.
The time anyone become desireless he/she gets free from the term problem.

Now the question arises why should one be desireless?
When anyone takes birth on earth he/she comes here associated with the fact that he/she has to go back.
The only thing that comes is our holy soul.
The soul is provided with body here on the basis of karma he/she has done in previous journey to earth.
The body, mind, heart and feelings are the part of the body which is provided to us here on earth.
Problems, joys, pleasures from different organs like taste buds, sexual organs etc are the virtual parts of the body. Ex: we will feel insulted when someone hurts our virtual respect.
But none of that is associated with soul.
Our body comes under law of nature like:
we will feel hot when come near fire and cold when standing in Ice.
But our soul is the supreme power that doesn't feel heat, doesn't die, our soul is real us.
Our body is just a cover for the soul, the time we stop thinking about relations and the fear of death and realize that all the things around us are just inspired from desires. The whole mind set will change.
When someone dies people who love him cry, you know why they cry? Because same as us they are also very much indulged in this virtual world. But they cry for some days and after that they are into the same routine performing same desire-full actions.
Our soul is trapped in the cycle of dying and taking birth. Someone dies and come again. So the key to get problem free is performing desireless.
whenever we feel like that we are in a problem we should just think fearlessly and problem dismissal guaranteed.
And overall our prime focus should be how to get our soul out of the cycle of taking birth and dying and get 'Moksha'.

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NPCI Unified Payment Interface System - Explored

NPCI is come out with a pretty powerful set of APIs that will enable fast payments through mobile and web apps to offline POS as well.

To promote cashless economy and fintech models in India.
Meant to propel instant payments via mobile, web apps.
Go to an offline store -> Buy things -> Initiate payment to that merchant via mobile and you are done.
Soap api -> Dummy request -> Response available at -> Exact endpopints to roll out soon.
Payments will get faster, customer experience and journey will also be easy.
Ultimate goal >> offer on a X bank card -> Wallet companies ask you to deposit the same amount on their wallet and they will give you a X bank card for that instance to avail the offer and get discount.
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My Team @ Cardback
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Honor @ Cardback
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