Why +Age Of Ascent Matters
I would like to change your perspective

As most of you know I am a huge fan of +Google Chrome and the Chrome OS.  One of the main reasons is that it is trying to make web technologies the future/backbone of all apps.  The Chromium project has delivered not only a browser but it has also created a wrapper that allows for the web to become an app on devices and systems with Chrome.  I host +Practical Chrome for these same reasons, and because I want to tell people about it.

I fell in love with web technologies because they are a free medium for publishing words and images quickly to everyone.  It was and still is incredibly easy to build websites, even dynamic ones.  Web technologies also feed themselves through us with our multitudes of sharing.  We have explained everything in tutorial form, placed it out on the web and now it is searchable.

With the above, Chrome started to allow apps, using these great web technologies, to become packaged.  Not just really nice web pages but actual applications which is what they had become in front of my eyes without my noticing.  I really never noticed, and this is probably due to the fact that most still looked somewhat like web pages.  But now they are changing.

Along comes +Age Of Ascent.  This game means more than just gamers all over the world fighting each other in outer space.  What this represents is the complete removal of the browser from the screen.  When playing this 'PreAlpha', that only had the fighting component, I was blown away.  To start this +Age Of Ascent I didn't have to open an application on my Windows machine, validate the connection, find a server, then execute an application that would take one minute to load.  All I needed to do on either my Windows machine, my Linux box, or my Chromebook was open my browser to www.AgeofAscent.com☨ and I was sucked right into the battle.

+Age Of Ascent is a game and I understand that.  But what it represents, to me anyway, is us getting out of the browser.  Browsers have for so long looked at the web, and now they can put you into it.  This great game is the first application, not packaged (love you Chrome), that has pulled me into the web; it gave me an out of the browser, and into the web experience .  I think we will see even more once they get all aspects into play.

Take a look at the video below to understand how much, and how deep, these devs will take us into the web, the enveloping world of +Age Of Ascent and how your browser will simply fade away.

✔ http://youtu.be/GVDG7CSJ6mU

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during this prealpha stage there are open events where the public can help beta test.  this is why simply going to the homepage will launch the game.  head over to www.AgeofAscent.com anytime for information regarding the next public beta test.
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