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Practical Chrome
A podcast for everyday Google Chrome users.
A podcast for everyday Google Chrome users.


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This is the last episode of Practical Chrome, but not the end for +John Oliphant ,+Craig Tumblison  or +James Welbes.

We move to our new home starting next week!  Catch us on
+Chromebooks Today for more #chromebook  and #ChromeOS  goodness.


Official Google Calendar Chrome Extension Makes Date With Material Design - via OMG! Chrome!

Cloud Backup Enabled In Latest Chrome OS Dev - via OMG! Chrome!

A New Chrome App Brings SFTP Access to Your Chrome OS Devices - via OMG! Chrome!

Archos announces Chromebook for France’s “Grand Digital for Schools Project” - via Chrome Story

Chrome OS App Launcher Icon Will Soon Look Like This (a search icon) - via OMG! Chrome!


Google Say Chromebook Pixel 2 Will Go On Sale Soon - via OMG! Chrome!

Google Services Integration in Chrome OS
Where is the line for Google and Chrome OS?
Is it a Google product or an fully opensource OS?
What is public perception of this line, and what is truth?
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We're moving!

Those of you that tuned into our most recent episode will already know that Practical Chrome will soon be replaced with +Chromebooks Today.

We're happy to announce that we've put together a pre-roll episode that helps to explain the transition in more detail.

You can also subscribe to our brand new MP3 feed (which we promise will remain active this time!) by visiting our landing page at

Be sure to catch us next week for the last Practical Chrome episode ever! We'll be live on Youtube one last time :)
Episode 0: Prepare for Launch is now available!

On this pre-launch episode, the team introduces the Chromebooks Today podcast. They discuss the end of Practical Chrome, the motivation for starting a new show, and share details about the new format and what to expect.

Be sure to join us for our very first episode, airing the first week of March!

Subscribe to our RSS feed by visiting, today.

#Chromebook   #Podcast  
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Some sad/great news about our future.

Chromebooks Will Soon Automatically Set Timezone Based on Location - via Chrome Story

Chrome’s App Launcher Gets Google Doodles! - via Chrome Story

Chrome OS Dev Debuts Material Design File Manager - via OMG! Chrome!

Chromebook Smart Unlock – Only When Your Phone is Within Arm’s Reach - via Chrome Story

VLC 3.0 Will Feature Chromecast Support - via OMG! Chrome!

Using the canary channel? There’s a new command to switch to it. - via Craig Tumblison

Is Roku Adding Google Cast Support, Making it More “Chromecasty”? [No, it’s actually just DIAL, but kind of cool] - via Chrome Story


How Many Lines of Code is Google Chrome? - via Chrome Story

Samus - Is it the Pixel 2.0? - via OMG! Chrome!

Digitimes: Google to Launch 2-in-1 Chromebooks This Year; Will Run Android and Chrome OS - via Chrome Story
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Google is Giving Chromecast Owners $6 Free Google Play Credit For Valentine’s Day - via OMG! Chrome!

Global Chromebook Shipments Down 20 Percent, Say Digitimes - via OMG! Chrome!
Google Chrome Drops SPDY for HTTP/2 - via Chrome Story

Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS - via Google Chrome Releases


Chrome Privacy Whitepaper

Improving SSL Warnings
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The Chrome OS  stable channel has been updated to M40. - via Chrome Release Blog

Android Development on Chromebooks Could Soon Be Easier - via OMG! Chrome!

‘Mosaic View’ To Be Removed from Chromebook Gallery App - via OMG! Chrome!

Toshiba Chromebook 2 Review - via Chrome Unboxed

The Only Toshiba Chromebook 2 Review You Need To Read - via OMG! Chrome!

Chromecast is Now the No.1 Streaming Device in the U.S - via Chrome Story

“Pull to Refresh” Comes to Chrome for Android Beta - via Chrome Story

🔓 How To Set Up Smart Lock On a Chromebook - via OMG! Chrome!

Logitech Accessories Now Work [Better] with Chromebooks - via OMG! Chrome!

You Can Now Connect Scanners to Chromebooks [Sorta] - via Chrome Story

🎉 ARM Chromebooks Can Now Upload Music to Google Play - via OMG! Chrome!

Google’s Chrome Apps Updated with Material Design Icons - via OMG! Chrome!

🚓 Admins can now place lost or stolen Chrome OS devices in a disabled state - via François Beaufort
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Chrome To Mobile And 'Print To My Phone' Are Being Shut Down Next Month, Google Says To Use Chrome Tab Sync Instead - via Android Police

^^ We say to use Pushbullet instead.

How to Disable Chrome’s New User Menu - via Chrome Story

Window Snap in Chrome OS Is More Awesome Than You Realize - via OMG! Chrome!

Google’s Latest Patent is for an Automatic Incognito Mode - via OMG! Chrome!

Google Tests “Mixed Content” and Other “Potentially Annoying Security Features” for Chrome - via Chrome Story

Chromebooks to Get “Boot from USB” for Other Operating Systems - via Chrome Story

Spotify “Might” Come to Chromecast - via Chrome Story

These Are The Most Popular Android Apps for Chromebooks - via OMG! Chrome!

Chrome OS ‘Cloud Import’ Will Let You Backup External Drives to Google Drive - via OMG! Chrome!

Acer’s New Education Chromebooks Made Official, Start from $259 - via OMG! Chrome!

How to Use WhatsApp on a PC Using Chrome - via OMG! Chrome!

Chrome OS’ Virtual Keyboard to Get Android Like Gesture Typing? - via Chrome Story

Project Athena is dead. Long live Project Athena. - via the Chromium Tracker
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How To Make Facebook Video Calls on a Chromebook - via OMG! Chrome!

Google To Launch ‘Data Saver’ Extension for Desktop Chrome Soon - via OMG! Chrome!

How to Enable Always On ‘Ok Google’ Voice Search in Chrome OS - via OMG! Chrome!

Chrome for Mac Testing System Integration for Hosted Web Apps - via OMG! Chrome!

Chrome OS will Soon Let Users Sync Wifi Passwords Across Devices - via Chrome Story

‘Material Icon’ Headed to Chrome’s Desktop Webcam App - via OMG! Chrome!

‘Material Design’ File Manager To Hit Chrome OS Next Month? - via OMG! Chrome!

Code References for Three New Broadwell Chrome Devices Emerge - via OMG! Chrome!

This Chrome Extension Lets You Browse and Watch TED Videos from Chromebook’s File Manager - via Chrome Story

Chrome OS Team is Testing Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Powered IFC6410 - via Chrome Story

Google Brings Chrome Remote Desktop To iOS; Access Your Desktop from iPhone or iPad - via Chrome Story
^^ Craig also has demoed remoting into a Chromebook lately.

Chromebooks ‘Fuelled’ PC Shipments In Late 2014, IDC Say - via OMG! Chrome!

Google will soon unveil a new system for real-time voice translation - via The Verge
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Google To Launch ‘Data Saver’ Extension for Desktop Chrome Soon - via OMG! Chrome!

How to Enable Always On ‘Ok Google’ Voice Search in Chrome OS - via OMG! Chrome!

HOT ‘Intel Easy Migration’ App Makes Moving Files to Chromebooks Simple - via OMG! Chrome!

‘Roboto’ Font Is Ready for Testing In Chrome OS - via OMG! Chrome!

HOT Chrome’s New ‘Hosted App’ Window Controls Ready for Testing - via OMG! Chrome!

Is This The Chrome New Tab Page You Were Expecting? - via OMG! Chrome!

HOT Chromebook Utility “Crouton” Now Lets You Run Ubuntu on a Chrome Tab - via Chrome Story

Keyboard Auto-Correct Coming to Chrome OS — Helpful Addition Or Potential Annoyance? - via OMG! Chrome!

HOT Gogo issues fake HTTPS certificate to users visiting YouTube - via arstechnica


Chromecast iOS App Gets Material Design Revamp - via OMG! Chrome!

Google Announces Google Cast for Audio, Cast Ready Speakers Coming this Spring - via Chrome Story

Sony’s New Bravia 4K TVs Come With Chromecast, Android TV Built-In - via OMG! Chrome!

Seagate’s “Personal Cloud” and Acer’s New Projectors Will Support Chromecast - via Chrome Story


What To Expect from Intel Broadwell Chromebooks - via OMG! Chrome!

Chromebooks Top Selling Christmas Laptops, says Amazon - via OMG! Chrome!

Touchscreen HP Chromebook 14 G3 Goes on Sale in US for $440 - via OMG! Chrome!

Cloned for Success: HP Stream Mini is a $179 Windows ‘Chromebox’ - via OMG! Chrome!

15-Inch Acer Chromebook Made Official, Starts at $249 - via OMG! Chrome!

Acer Chromebook 13 Touch Edition Goes on Sale This Month - via OMG! Chrome!
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‘Rugged’ Acer C740 Chromebook With Broadwell CPU Coming March - via OMG! Chrome!

Acer Will Launch World’s First 15.6 Inch Chromebook In March - via OMG! Chrome!

Chromecast Gets “Guest Mode” For Devices That Are Not on The Same Wifi Network - via Chrome Story

Hangouts for Chrome Adds Google Voice Integration, Chat Notifications - via OMG! Chrome!

Dell Launches $20 Chrome Keyboard in the US - via OMG! Chrome!

^^ Craig now has this keyboard.

Finally: Chrome’s Forgotten Games “App” To Get Update - via OMG! Chrome!

Busted! Chromecast Thief Scared Into Returning Stolen Dongle - via OMG! Chrome!

Chrome Web Store Streamlines Sidebar to Make Finding Apps Easier - via OMG! Chrome!

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Chromebox - via OMG! Chrome!

Avaya Announces WebRTC Based Remote Desktop Client for Chrome - via Chrome Story

Krispy Kreme Installs Chromebooks for Customers to Interact Across Stores Around the World - via Chrome Story
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Because reasons - via +James Welbes 

This is the Stunning New Wallpaper for Chrome OS Guest Mode - via OMG! Chrome!

Google’s Xmas Chromecast Deal: $20/£15/€15 Free Play Store Credit - via OMG! Chrome!

Chromecast India Launches Dec 10, Priced at Rs 2,999 - via OMG! Chrome!

Chrome Will Soon Warn When Extensions Are Hogging Resources - via OMG! Chrome!

A Kid Friendly Version of Chrome Is In The Works? - via Chrome Story

Google to Add “Supervised Users” Feature to Chrome for Android Too? - via Chrome Story

How to Set Up Chrome OS’ “Smart Unlock” (Or Unlock Chromebook When Your Phone is Nearby) - via Chrome Story

Watch President Barack Obama Using a Chromebook! - via Chrome Story

Why was Francois so absent these past weeks you may wonder? - via +François Beaufort 
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