Adjust the volume of "What's hot" in your main stream
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A few months ago we launched “What's hot”, an always-fresh collection of interesting posts on Google+ ( We later launched volume "sliders,” letting you decide how much or how little individual circles contribute to your overall stream (

Today, and thanks to your feedback, we're bringing these two features together. This way you can control how many "What's hot" posts appear in your main stream on Google+ -- from most, to some, to none at all.

Whenever hot posts do appear in your stream, we'll label them accordingly. And if you're ever in the mood to only see hot posts, you can always click on "What's hot" in the left-hand navigation menu.

We're rolling out this improvement over the next few days, so definitely check back if you don't see it yet. Once it's live, you can visit to turn the heat up, down or off. :-)
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