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Adjust the volume of "What's hot" in your main stream
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A few months ago we launched “What's hot”, an always-fresh collection of interesting posts on Google+ ( We later launched volume "sliders,” letting you decide how much or how little individual circles contribute to your overall stream (

Today, and thanks to your feedback, we're bringing these two features together. This way you can control how many "What's hot" posts appear in your main stream on Google+ -- from most, to some, to none at all.

Whenever hot posts do appear in your stream, we'll label them accordingly. And if you're ever in the mood to only see hot posts, you can always click on "What's hot" in the left-hand navigation menu.

We're rolling out this improvement over the next few days, so definitely check back if you don't see it yet. Once it's live, you can visit to turn the heat up, down or off. :-)
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What if I don't want any of the so called hot stuff in my main stream? What If I'm interested in hot stream stuff when I want to see them?
Well, this comes a little bit to late. I used to love this What's hot feature in my first week of g+ when I didn't followed anyone. I've got bored by gif's very soon tho and learned to filter it - by not clicking it. I don't have anymore time for what's hot. For me it's like it's not there :-)
+Kunal Katyayan The adjustment only affects your mainstream. If you don't want any, just move the adjustment down so that it won't show any. To view What's Hot, click the Link on the left hand side.
Will it also be possible to decide what kind of "What's hot" stream I get? On my desktop my WH is mostly English, new post with about 1000+, probably because the main language in my Chrome is English. On my mobile I get a completely different WH stream, only German, old post with about 100+, probably because I use the German app. It would be nice, if I could have the opportunity to select the languages for the WH stream and if I could get a English and German stream on all devices!
+Gareth Cook thanks.. my concern was that should I get anything in my main stream of I don't follow a given account.. I feel an on/off switch will make more sense to me.. but again I did not provide any sort of feedback for "what's hot" stream, so, I'll live with what the majority of people wanted out if this stream :)
Very Great, did you know that in non english version we haven't "What's hot" in the left. When this will be added?
Rather ironically I'm reading this post in the "What's Hot" stream....
Thanks, Scott! #whatshot #likesup
I'm not seeing the slider on my What's Hot yet, but it sounds as if others are seeing it. Just curious if you can elaborate a bit on how it's being rolled out to G+ community?
Can the left nav bar be anchored so that regardless of how much one scrolls down in the stream, the left nav bar is always on the left? Otherwise there is a lot of empty white unusable space on the left.
Will this affect what I see in mobile?
How do I see the hot posts from the Android app?
+Anil Das download th elatest version and swipe your finger from left to right to see the "What's Hot" stream
Are only popular posts hot? I want to Google+ algorithm to find me the best posts for me, regardless if the author is in my circles and regardless how popular the post is. I want my +1 to matter in the personalised Google+ stream shown to me. Every single item needs to be awesome. No more random stuff please. At least provide the option to get a "Google+ stream based on your +1s and what all other Google+ users +1 related to what you like" and with a bunch of sliders in there.
It's not clear what algorithm picks things to show in "What's Hot?", but it doesn't appear to be related to people or topics I choose to follow. It was easy to more or less ignore it before this change, but now that the only way to ignore it is to completely disable it, I just did that.
Turned mine down to zero. I've always hated the What's Hot stream. I'd love to see the Incoming Stream back, though.
Increasingly, "What's Hot" is the only stream I look at to catch up on news when I'm pressed for time. I only go to the main stream when I have extra time, so think this is a great added feature that'll reduce duplication... Thanks!
I love what's hot in my stream!!!
I had heard rumors that the "What's Hot" posts in my stream would get more frequent. I noticed a bunch of posts from people I didn't circle and figured that was what happened. They were all tagged with a "Hot Now" banner. I went to check the setting on how much I get and saw it hadn't changed. Looks like Google just adjusted the baseline.
I kind of like it as it gets me up out of just my own circles. Sort of like the "Who to Circle" suggestions, it helps me expand my use of G+.
Awesome! Now, give me my Incoming Stream back.
I'm not interested in the opinions of self appointed gatekeepers. What you think is hot probably is not what I think is hot.
If a user had collapsed the old what's hot thing that interjected itself into the stream and never expanded it again, their default volume slider setting should be zero. Unless you want them to get angry at you.
Thank you for the slider, it is now set to "none"
Well that gets rid of that waste of space once and for all!

How about bringing back "Incoming", that was actually useful!
I saw a post the other day that mentioned a bug with this. Let's say you have Vic in a circle and thus you expect to see his post (the slider is set to the max for that circle). But then you turn the slider for "What's Hot" all the way down. Supposedly this will hide Vic's post from your stream since it appears in the "What's Hot" section. If the person is in your stream, I think that over-rules the What's Hot preference. Can you confirm how this works?
+Dustin DeFoe, good question. Ideally, a post's likelihood of occurring in the stream should come from the highest "volume" setting for each circle (including "What's Hot"), that he/she is in.
+Scott Zuccarino I still do not have this awesome new feature. I am just wondering if this is still shipping? I don't want to be left out.
what if you +1 and get recommendations based on that --- makes more sense
also why cant you mark posts you like
Yes, when, there is no content, you can promote any stuff you want.
Did Google ever provide a good reason for why they removed the Incoming stream - which allowed for genuine discovery of interesting posters - in exchange for hyping up people who really don't need any more attention directed their way?
+Matthew Trevor , they claimed that the addition of "What's Hot", shared circles, and recommended friends made the Incoming Stream unnecessary. I never understood that argument myself, since none of those features provide the same functionality as the Incoming Stream. It's just a bunch of bogus crap because Google didn't do careful market research. I hate it when the axe features and services that are useful, and being used without providing a proper replacement.
As of February 19 I still do not have a slider on the page
It sounds like some people have been able to see the new feature for a few days now, so am I missing a step?
It strikes me as counter-intuitive that to STOP getting "What's Hot" added to the top of my stream, I must go TO "What's Hot." Even after going there, I still don't see the slider either (using Firefox 3.6.26, with the "NoScript" add-in). However, as I moved my mouse all over the top RIGHT corner of that page, small circles showed up one at a time, apparently representing different slider positions.
UPDATE: As of February 22 I finally have the slider on the What's Hot page. I have put it on "Mute" and am a very happy camper.
Great, "What's Hot" is muted. Now just bring back the Incoming stream.
Dear Google,

Consider NOT shoving new features down the throats of your users. Instead, have link appear that says "we have a new feature, take a look". Then let me OPT IN to having random crap on my page. Stop making work for your users.

Speaking of making work for users, i shouldn't have to go out of my way to block some stranger who wants to shove me in his circles. He should have to get permission from me to do it. Yeah, i can just stop making public posts (which i have done) but THAT'S NOT THE POINT. i shouldn't have to block strangers, they should have to get my permission.
+Todd Starbuck, I don't understand why it bothers you that other people can add you to their circles without your permission. If you don't add them to any circles, and never make public posts, they will never see any of your posts, so what does it matter if they circled you? Your privacy controls are determined by your circles, not theirs.
The first half of Todd Starbuck's comment expresses my opinion better than I did myself. Adding new "features" which we then have to find out how to turn OFF is behavior I'd expect from Facebook. Hey, Google, if you want to be perceived as the thinking user's alternative to Facebook, emulating them is not exactly the way to go.
I have no opinion on Todd's second comment; apparently I'm not (yet?) well-known enough to have had this happen to me...
I guess you can't please everyone. I really liked the What's Hot in my stream with the left/right arrows. I don't always get a chance to check G+ and when I do I always check What's Hot. Having a quick 8 things to scroll through was great.
I just want to delete that What's hot section. That's all, please!
Just an FYI that even though you apparently solved this two weeks ago, It is still listed as unresolved in the known-issues list, with no link to your work-around.

'What's Hot in Google+' banner can't be dismissed from the Stream

Currently, 'What's Hot on Google+' cannot be dismissed or removed. If you'd prefer not to see content that is under 'What's Hot in Google+', you can collapse the dialog. We're working to improve this functionality.
+Scott Zuccarino i just figured that someone would want to correct that. After all, I can't imagine that google would gain any advantage from failing to provide useful and timely information to their customers.
+Scott Zuccarino I notice that THIS Post made the "What's Hot" List. Real Organic "What's Hot" results might be nice again.
Can we have a setting to actually chose "Real Organic Results" as they Started,
 rather than the Google staff curated "Censorship". Also, Are the newly introduced other language Versions going to be censored curated too? 
Thanks to all people who directy or indirectly involve in digital network through GOOGLE. And also thanks alot to GOOGLE too.
+Michael Mozart They already censor image search results, and they remove signature lines from your email without your permission; so why would they allow you to freely see "What's Hot"
Then again in the old days I was pissed when we weren't allowed to kill "What's hot" and it sent out a "Be Mein" Hitler valentine card.
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