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Say Ahh....
Why relaxation can help your weight loss success and how to make it happen! Say ahh... and shed stress so you can feel better!  Feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally - who doesn't want that!  unchecked stress can take a toll on your health.  r...

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Stay on Course!
"Lapses" happen - it's not, if but when.  What's important is what you do afterward. It happens to all of us at some point.   You have a slip, a setback, possibly even more than one.  Maybe you're tracking less, you missed a meeting or two, or you haven't w...

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Get in the groove to move!
How to find physical activity right for you. Thinking of physical activity as part of a full life helps you make it a priority.  Just like eating healthy meals and taking care of yourself.  When you let go of the beliefs that keep you from moving more, you'...

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Who knew they were so hard to set for yourself? I mean seriously.  I look at my Instagram and Facebook feeds and they constantly have people setting goals or making goals.  Goals of all kinds too - not just fitness or weight related.  So I ask myself "why i...

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Take good care of yourself.
Self-compassion can help you succeed at weight loss! This weeks topic in the meeting room was about taking care of yourself.  Reminding you to take good care of yourself.  There is a saying that if you can't pour from an empty cup.  It applies to self care....

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Are you an all or none thinker?
Oh boy....My name is Jenn and I am an all or none thinker! So I missed this topic in the meeting room, but was able to pick up the weekly reader the following week. I am so glad I did because this hits home in a big way for me. I am notorious for this. I ta...

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Protein Power!
Boost your know how about this essential nutrient. During the April 9th meeting we discussed protein and its importance in your daily diet.  It's something that will help you to sustain yourself a little longer with higher protein foods.  especially is you'...

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Turn It Around
"A simple plan to reverse a small weight gain." A few extra pounds might not require a wardrobe overhaul, but they might signal that it's time to reassess your behaviors to stop the numbers on the scale from climbing.  It's always tempting to think that you...

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Get Back On Track
"Overeating happens to all of us.   Here's how to bounce back when it happens." Overeating.  It happens to all of us, no one is immune.  Luckily so can recovery.  Use the overeating episode as a chance to learn why it happened and how to return to plan - no...

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Is This Food Worth It?
"Smart ways to make right-for-you decisions" I'm a few weeks behind on writing this but it's appropriate for me right now.   Is this food worth it? Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not.  For me this is the case, however using these questions that were posted...
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