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Merry Christmas!
I am so sorry I haven't blogged in a while.  It has truly been an unreal year in a nut shell, but I'm hoping to be back in 2016!  Until then I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!

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Dial Miracle Oil review
Hi lovelies!!  Well thank goodness the first day of Spring has sprung.  The long dreary winter is soon to be a distant memory (until December- ish).  My skin really took a beating this year.  I have been trying to keep my face and body moisturized.  I have ...

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Purex Powershot
Got a new exciting laundry pick for my readers.  Purex has released the new Purex Powershot detergent.  It is an easy fool proof way to pour the right amount of detergent into your washer.  All you do is flip open the top, turn it over-it dispenses one dose...

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Purex Crystals Aromatherapy Review
Hi lovelies!  Have you had one of those days, weeks or years when you need a little boost in your energy, your well being or maybe even in your feeling of serenity?!  Well I feel like I've been in need of extra energy for weeks!!  If you are like me you mig...

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Coopertone Clearly Sheer
Summer is around the corner.  My kiddo is already on summer vacation and it's 90 degrees here!  We have been spending time at the pool.  Of course when going out in the sun you have to wear sunscreen.  I recently got to try the new Coppertone Clearly Sheer!...

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Purex No Sort Review and Giveaway
I have a confession.....I can be a tad bit lazy!  I know hard to believe but oh so true.  Like sometimes when I do laundry I do not separate lights from whites.  Like I throw pinks in with my white t-shirts kind of lazy.  Now I only do this with older cloth...

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Purex Crystals Fabulously Fresh review and giveaway
What makes a gloomy day better?  Getting a Purex Insiders package at my front door!  Today I got a package with the new and limited edition Purex Crystals Fabulously Fresh in-wash fragrance booster.  The first thing I noticed was the fun floral packaging.  ...

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy St. Patrick's Day!  Today we are all Irish!! :)  Have a great day!

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Worse treatment from Wal-mart ever for FREE product coupons!
I know the world is a crazy, insane place.....everyone has battles they are fighting that we may not be privy too so I try to have compassion and understanding for other human beings....unfortunately my treatment at a Wal-mart store yesterday not only teste...

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Spring Forward
I am so glad spring is near!  I am excited for warmer weather, shorts, flip flops, sun tans (no burns).  It also makes me realize how fast time does feels like a few days ago I was thinking of New Year's resolutions and now we are 3 months into 20...
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