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Founder @ZensibleMama.Powered by Coffee & Chocolate. Social Media Chica!
Founder @ZensibleMama.Powered by Coffee & Chocolate. Social Media Chica!

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Experience the Thrill of the Past at Carowinds New County Fair
Carowinds County Fair officially opened on March 25 of this year, with a promise that it will take you back in time to experience the good 'ol rides that brought tons of fun and excitement for the whole family in the olden county fairs of the past. My famil...

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Welcome Summer with a Huge Splash +carowinds park +Carowinds Carolina Harbor Water Park
Carolina Harbor Water park officially opened it's gates to water-loving Carolinians  today. A refreshing treat to welcome the arrival of Summer and its sometimes searing southern heat. The park comes to life to help you quench the heat - or drench it - whic...

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Carowinds Taste of the Carolinas Makes A Flavorful Comeback
I had the opportunity to experience and savor the tasteful offerings of Taste of the Carolinas at Carowinds right on its opening weekend, and this year, it's a little more special. .. Not just food sampling In contrast to last year's, TOTC added booths for ...

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Carowind's Easter Eggstravaganza - A Fun Easter Destination For Family on Staycation
For families like us whose chosen option for their Spring vacation is your good ol' reliable Staycation - it shouldn't mean stuck bored at home. As a matter of fact, it's far from it. Staying local gives you the opportunity to discover, or rediscover the be...

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Hamilton Is Finally Coming To Charlotte - Locally Handmade Hamilton-Inspired Creations Are Ready For It
It's awesome that Hamilton is finally coming to Charlotte! I could not wait and I have more than one reason for being so. Since the end of last year, I had not one iota of clue what Hamilton is all about and why everyone's going crazy about it. I decided to...

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Photography: When Winter Unleash its Wrath On Nature The Outcome Is A Beautiful Death
It's halfway through March and Winter seemingly have left for good since the onset of February. The unusually warm weather gave way to a premature Spring. Trees have bloomed. Some sprouted new leaf. Some still budding. My allergies started acting. Achoo!   ...

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A great way to upcycle/recycle empty soup containers from +Chick-fil-A  #diy   #upcycle   #recycle   #springideas  

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DIY: Spring-Inspired Garden Pinwheel and Wind Chime Using Upcycled Chick-Fil-A Soup Container
I always love a good challenge, especially when it's a dare on my creativity. I sort of thrive on it. Now, I openly admit that because I have a track record of going beyond the norm when it comes to upcycling certain items. One example is when I turned used...

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Gift Guide: Say I Love You This Valentine's Day - The Handmade Way
If you haven't noticed, January is gone - just like that - and here we are in the midst of February, the month of hearts. Though it's baffling how January went by so quick, there is no denying that in no time, Valentine's day will soon be here - in a blink ...

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Tech Talk: How I'm Bringing Social In My Family Time Back
I should confess now that we're bunch of geeks in this family. However, it's not an excuse for what we do almost everyday. A kind of a current lifestyle trend we all live and are predisposed to in this generation now, but it's still very bothersome in so ma...
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