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Gail Burton Purath
♥ 1-Minute Bible Love Notes ♥ Bite Size Bible Study
♥ 1-Minute Bible Love Notes ♥ Bite Size Bible Study

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Hi. I'm Gail and I write 1-Minute Bible Love Notes and Bite Size Bible Study.

♥ Bible Love Notes posts a 1-Minute devotion each weekday (approximately 160 words) and I like to think of them as "an espresso shot of Scripture in your morning coffee"

♥ Bite Size posts a short Bible study each Monday for busy people  "who don't want to bite off more than they can chew."

♥ I'm a wife of 44 years
♥mother to 2 grown children
♥ grandmother to 7
♥former Army wife (22 years)
♥ former homeschool mom
♥former missionary to Hungary (for 5 years--and we return each year for 2-3 months).

I've loved getting to know Rosilind via the blogosphere. She lives in a country where I enjoy traveling (Croatia). Thanks for starting this new group, Rosilind.

I love the two little munchkins in this photo : )

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This week my 1-minute devotions prepare our hearts for the greatest holiday in the Christian calendar: the death and resurrection of Christ.
Monday's included an explanation of the word CRUX.

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This post explains everything you need to know about 1-Minute Bible Love Notes, my site that features devotions that are short and powerful like an espresso shot of Scripture in your morning latte. I'd love to have you check it out.

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Gail Burton Purath commented on a post on Blogger.
Very neat decoration. Love the message and the way you present it on the tree shaped wood. Simple but profound, isn't it?

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Join Judith at Whole Hearted Home link party

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Thanks this was helpful. I'm going to explore some of these ideas. Appreciate you sharing them.

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So many great ideas. And some really cute ones. I'm a grandma, but I know my daughter (who packs 4 school lunches) would enjoy these ideas. Thanks for collecting them.

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These potatoes look delicious and I love making breakfast for supper, so I can see me putting these in the oven for that. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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I love this trunk and I love your story to go with it! I have a whole collection of trunks and suitcases, but none of my trunks are European. This is so unique.
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