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Life on Pig Row
gardening, lifestyle, slower way of life, growing your own, make do and mend, head in the clouds, feet in the soil.
gardening, lifestyle, slower way of life, growing your own, make do and mend, head in the clouds, feet in the soil.

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Brickwork in the Rose Garden
Earlier in the month we started clearing the paths in the rose garden . After that came the lion's share of the work, which involved removing smaller stumps and chainsawing the remaining stumps to the ground. We can't get a stump grinder in and we have deci...

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Moving the Chickens to Their New Home
From the moment they arrived at Pig Row , Mrs Cluckerbuck, Gene Simmons and Bertie the Cockerel (also known as, 'Big Bert the Bantam Wrestler') have been tucked behind the house in the ginnel. This wasn't a case of shove them there and let's learn what to d...

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Look at Our Cock, And There's Andrew Too
Following on from our own cockerel problems  and they're naturally aggressive behaviour, we have been working with Bertie the Cockerel to show him who is top dog...or in his case, cock. Bertie is turning into a large bird and that means Carol often finds hi...

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The Joy of Hedges
Okay, he's a little manic. He's even taken a selfie of himself opening the box. Yes, he's gone hedge mad. That look when Andrew comes through the door from the Hopwood Hall Market Garden and sees the parcel waiting for him - the one that wasn't delivered th...

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Under The Original Glass: What We Are Planning at Hopwood
Turn back the clock, just a little, just a smidge to around 1901 and the world is yet to see the horrors of the twentieth century. Trench warfare is not even a concept. The atom bomb not even considered. There are no such things and in the Hopwood Hall Mark...

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Getting to Grips: Little D's Trip to the Gardening Side
Can I use that, Daddy?  What? Them! A little finger points at the secateurs poking out my jacket pocket. Go on, Mummy isn't looking . Oh, the bribery of a small child. Not seen = not caught, and being caught = chucking them in the hedge. We have always been...

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Bye-bye Shed
Back in 2011, broke, back buggered and bravely growing for a second year we invested in a shed . It was safe to say it was a s**t shed. The door frame was too low, Andrew has bashed his head on it more times then he'd cared to swear about. The floor has cav...

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Clearing the Paths in the Rose Garden
The rose garden is revealing its secrets, each layer peeled back brings more excitement . We knew the path was still there but to what extent and in what state we didn't know. Often old paths suffer from the cold, frosts crack stone, flake it to the point o...

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DIY Disasters: The Legacy of Black Concrete
It's been staring at us for months , a little bit of a DIY disaster, a legacy of black concrete. For those of you unaware of this legacy from the 1950s and 1960s - not to be confused with the modern product which actually does the job of waterproofing after...
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