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Andrea Hernandez
Learn, Reflect, Share!
Learn, Reflect, Share!

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Cross-posted from  with some edits It's January, and I am wrapping up work with a cohort of teachers from Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School . The cohort of four teachers has been experimenting with professional blogging, learning the in...

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                          As one who studies learning, I have become fascinated by a type of learning activity I've observed on Instagram. I segment my interests using different social media platforms for different parts of my personality and have been usin...

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Structures to Support Professional Learning
As someone who spends a lot of time thinking about learning, I have spent a lot of time pondering the best structures to support learning and growth. I have shared my thinking on my blog as well as my attempts to design and implement structures that work. L...

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Parent Connect: Kids and Screens
Karin Hallett and I, as part of our " Parent Connect " series of interactive discussions, recently facilitated a session called, "Kids and Screens." Here are the slides and resources we shared: We began by sharing our learning intentions which was mainly to...

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Hello! I am in the very earliest stages of sharing my work over the past several years working with student blogfolios at a K-8 school. I would like to invite you to "like" my new Facebook page, and I would be so happy to have your feedback/participation, etc. 

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Let's Elevate the Teaching Profession
As a 4th/5th grade teacher, I read a lot of middle-grades literature. I have noticed that it is not uncommon for the villain of the story to be a mean teacher or a teacher who doesn't really understand or appreciate children. Of course, as Mrs. Granger from...

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It's Time to Stop Pretending!
Thanks, Scott McLeod for starting this challenge : When it comes to education, what are 5 things that we have to stop pretending? Post on your blog, tag 5 others, and share using the #makeschooldifferent hashtag. Feel free to also put the URL of your post i...

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How to Get A Kid's Eye Perspective on Your Teaching
a language arts teacher, it is important to make sure my students understand perspectives. We discuss the ways different characters in literature
view situations from varying points of view and the clues an
author provides to help us see situations throu...

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6 Things You Can Learn From Science Leadership Academy
Last week I had the opportunity to spend a little time at Science Leadership Academy , the inquiry/project-based learning school started by Chris Lehmann . Here are the top five things that stuck with me as I reflected about what makes this school so specia...

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Is Being a Reader Genetic?
One of the best parts of learning in community is the spontaneous discussions. Yesterday, we wondered if being a reader is something we inherit from our parents through genetics. Since I have some strong ideas, myself, about how we become readers, I recorde...
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