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Baseball card geek.
Baseball card geek.

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Even More For 1963 Fleer
In my previous post I pointed out some other types of cards that might have been included in the 1963 Fleer set had it not been cut short due to Topps' lawsuit. In my last post I added manager, rookie and team cards. But what set would be complete without l...

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1963 Fleer Extended Set
In my last post, I wrote about the 1963 Fleer set. Specifically, how it was just 66 base cards and not a complete baseball card set as we know it. So today I am speculating about what some of the other non- base cards would look. One of the first omissions ...

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1963 Fleer
The 1963 Fleer set was cut short at just 66 cards. Topps won a court battle allowing it to have a near monopoly on baseball cards until 1981. Fleer had to cease printing cards after just one series.  The '63 Fleer set has had loads of Cards That Never Were ...

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1974 Topps John McNamara
After winning only 60 games in 1973 the Padres fired Manager Don Zimmer . Meanwhile the Padres franchise was in flux. They had been tentatively sold to Joseph Danzansky who planned to move the team to Washington. Danzansky had also made an unsuccessful bid...

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1974 Topps Bill Virdon
After winning the World Series, A's manager Dick Williams had enough of Charlie Finley's interference and quit. Meanwhile in New York Ralph Houk also quit after the 1973 season. He was tiring of the Bronx Fans' constant booing a Yankees team that was no l...

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1974 Topps Ralph Houk Redux
In 1974 there were only 24 Major League teams. But in the Topps set for 1974 there were only 21 manager cards. Twenty of them looked like this: And one of them looked like this: Okay, other than the fact that Ralph Houk is wearing Yankee pinstripes and a p...

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I have been taking an extended break from fake card making, but felt the need to make this post. There is yet another person on eBay selling my cards. Not just mine but cards from Dick Allen Hall of Fame , When Topps had Balls , Mets Fantasy Cards , Bob Lem...

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1966 Philadelphia Johnny Roland
1966 NFL Rookie of the Year* Johnny Roland was the UPI's pick for Rookie of the Year in 1966. He was an All American defensive back and running back for Missouri. Drafted by the Cardinals n the 4th round, he ran for 695 yards and 5 TDs in 1966. He also ret...

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1966 Philadelphia Tommy Nobis
1966 NFL Rookie of the Year* Tommy Nobis was a two-time All American playing both sides of the ball. He was an offensive guard and Linebacker for the Texas Longhorns. In 1963 the Longhorns won their first national championship. In 1965 he was the Outland T...

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1966 Topps Bobby Burnett
1966 AFL Rookie of the Year With an exciting MLB postseason behind us, I can get back to where I left off. And that is making cards for all the NFL/AFL Rookies of the Year. I've posted cards from 1955-1965, but in 1966 it starts to get even more diverse wit...
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