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Welcome to the Pekiti Tirsia Google+ Page

This site will soon fill up with messages and photos. Feel free to leave comments and don't forget to return often. :)

Pekiti Tirsia Kali is a Martial Art and a Cultural Art from the Philippines. It offers a complete system for real life self-defense, that is compact and reality tested. Practicing Kali improves physical fitness and mental awareness and it enhances self confidence for all ages.

As a Cultural Art Pekiti Tirsia teaches important values from the Filipino culture, such as appreciating life, discipline, respect, hospitality, concern and care. The philosophy of Pekiti Tirsia encourages to believe in long life, good health and in success.

As a Martial Art Pekiti Tirsia is a complete system for self-protection, which encompasses all relevant aspects of armed and unarmed fighting, including before and after fight problem solving skills.

One of the characteristics of Pekiti Tirsia training and fighting is the use of edged and impact weaponry. Those weapons usually are various sized sticks, swords or knives, but the training also teaches how to use every day items (key, brush, ballpen, bag) as improvised weapons. Offensive and defensive skills are taught to the beginner student. This honest and direct training method acts as a turbo boost to developing personal attributes like self confidence, body coordination, balance, power, speed, timing and courage.

You can read more about this art at the Pekiti Tirsia Europe web site:

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