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Etsy Conversations Podcast
Featuring inspiring interviews with Etsy shop owners
Featuring inspiring interviews with Etsy shop owners

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166 - Stitch & Stuffed | Etsy | Arts & Crafts | DIY | Ecommerce | Handmade | Crafting |

Listen in to hear my #EtsyConvo with auto mechanic and plush toy maker Nikki of the Etsy shop Stitch & Stuffed.

Hear how her target market - kids - and their parents influence the products she creates.

We also discuss various modes of advertising and promotions which Nikki has tried and her opinions on what's worked and what hasn't. And much more...


166 ~ Selling on Etsy: A Newbie’s Perspective w/Stitch & Stuffed Seller Nikki

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ECPR Bonus ~ Building Your Business With Etsy Studio, Shop Manager, & More

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165 - Funktional Wearables | Etsy | Arts & Crafts | DIY | Ecommerce | Handmade | Crafting |

My guest Cyndi Blais of Functional Wearables is back on the podcast again and she's sharing exactly how her brand and business have grown since we last spoke.

If growing your own brand is something you aspire to do, then listen to this update with Cyndi and hear what the journey was like for her.

Get both inspiration and practical information from her journey.

165 ~ Growing Your Brand with Cyndi Blais of Funktional Wearables

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164 - IF Only Pretty | Etsy | Arts & Crafts | DIY | Ecommerce | Handmade | Crafting |

Hi there!
Happy February Wednesday!

In this week's episode of the podcast I'm talking with Ina Fitzgerald and she shares strategies she learned from jumping right into Etsy selling. It's an informative discussion if you find your self still on the fence.

And if you've made the leap, than you'll enjoy learning some of the tips Ina shares which she's learned along the way.


164 ~ Etsy Shop Strategies & Processes for New Etsy Sellers w/Ina Fitzgerald of IF Only Pretty

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Kara Lamerato has come a long way since this podcast episode first aired and her journey between then and now is really inspirational.

She left a career in the finance industry to grow her Etsy business when she and her hubby started their family and now she's grown and expanded not just her Etsy shop but a full-fledged business and now a podcast too!

I plan to have Kara back on the podcast and I'd love you to hear how she has incorporated podcasting into her own business. It's wedding podcast because that's her target market and I believe as Etsy sellers you can use podcasting to reach your target market and grow your own businesses too.

But then again... Maybe I'm a little bit biased :)


162 ~ Growing a Family While Growing a Business w/Kara Lamerato of Kara’s Vineyard Wedding

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In this week's throwback episode we discuss some topics that, yes, may not be relevant today anymore but it's a conversation that has some good info that's still applicable today.

Michele has expanded her service offerings based on Etsy's ever-changing marketplace and that type of flexibility is essential when it comes to selling on Etsy or any other platform.

Please feel free to reach out to Michele with questions, comments, and feedback.

161 ~ Etsy Relevancy & SEO Tips w/Michele Gallagher of My Craft Assistant

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Okay, so I hardly ever write what most bloggers call "epic posts" but I guess I just wrote my first one!

It really wasn't intended to be one, but at just under 3,100 words, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in for this one :)

I felt led to write a post about fresh starts and new beginnings of sorts since it;s the beginning of a new year. I got the bright idea that some folks might be stuck at the pre-Step Zero stage.

This article is a roundup of resources for getting started in the business of making money online and offline with crafts. Specifically, this particular post rounds up online learning resources for learning a new craft or enhancing your skills in one you're already able to do.

I'm hoping this will be the first of many such resource articles though I can't promise (or maybe I should promise) that they will/won't all be pushing 3,000+ words :)


Using Online Crafting Classes To Help You Learn A Craft To Make Money

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Happy New year Everyone!

I'm back in the podcast archives again and this time I dug out Etsy convo with Angela Frazier whose shop all started with some blingy shoes she made for herself.

I hope you enjoy this, at times, hilarious conversation with Angela and take time to check out how far she's come with her shop and how it's evolved and grown over the past three years.

160 ~ Bringing on the Bling w/Angela Frazier of AV Wedding Designs

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By popular request, my podcast guest this week is artist and illustrator Julie Ann of the Etsy shop Julie Ann Art!!

With well over 63,000 sales on Etsy Julie Ann has a wealth of great information to share for both new sellers, veteran sellers, and those on the rise to their own Etsy success.

We talk about everything, and I get to delve in to how exactly Julie Ann went about turning what started out as a pure hobby into a FT business that now sustains her and her family.

Listen in and enjoy... As always, feedback and questions are always on the blog post, I'm sure Julie Ann would be happy to hear from you :)

158 ~ Julie Ann Art

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Imagine traveling the world and experiencing different cultures and ways of living, only to get back home with a whole new outlook on life, and more surprisingly, a fresh perspective on your future.

That's exactly what happened with Alexandra Matthews, artist/illustrator and owner of the Etsy shop Soul Paper Art.

Being a nomad for a time was just the wake-up call she needed and when she got back to the U.S. she got to work and made her Etsy shop the success story we talk abou tin this week's Etsy Convo podcast.

Please hop over to the blog and leave your feedback for Alex... I know she'd love to hear from you.


157 ~ Soul Paper Art
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