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Stories with Cultura, Color and Sabor!
Stories with Cultura, Color and Sabor!

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The truth is this: If we were waiting in a Miami hospital waiting room -- and not one in Tennessee -- someone would have gone for some cafecito by now and shared it with the whole group of us!

(we're here for minor worries...)

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We're talking Rituals over at the +Tiki Tiki Blog today and Wednesday.

Mal de Ojo, espanto, susto, despojos, name it!

Did you grow up with rituals?

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Mucho good!
If you haven't noticed already, multi-admin, ownership transfer, and notifications are live!

Buenos dias, pretty is 23 days until Christmas...

What are you doing?

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Join us for Thanksgiving.

Check below for Details...
You are invited to a Virtual Thanksgiving at our Table. Sponsored by +Tiki Tiki Blog.

All it takes is uploading a photo of you and yours -- or your beautiful table, turkey, whatever..even grandma -- to our Facebook Fan page.

Details are in the link.

We hope to see you there.


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Dariela is the Latina Design Mom.

You must check out her picks for this month.
I love to go shopping virtually for the +Tiki Tiki Blog Check out what I picked for the fiestas today!!

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Check out these AMAZING chavitos mexicalenses! Guau!!!! Their video is going viral so fast, they haven't even got their website completely finished yet!

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A collection of Thanksgiving recipes and stories with Latin Flavor.

What's on your menu?

#Thanksgiving #recipes.

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Last year, the Tiki Tiki held a Virtual Thanksgiving.

We want to do it again by asking friends to upload photos to our Google+ page with the tag #TikiTiki or on our Facebook page:

It was a wonderful thing...and we'd love to do it again!

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As Thanksgiving approaches...Familia!
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