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David Sapp
I am college student who also works full-time. I'm into music, politics, technology, Christianity, and current events.
I am college student who also works full-time. I'm into music, politics, technology, Christianity, and current events.

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I know I would buy a stand alone S-Pen. In a heartbeat.

+Samsung Mobile
We have a hard time believing Samsung would undermine their Galaxy Note lineup (not that they haven't already hurt it on their own), but we wouldn't mind a Galaxy S8 w/ S-Pen.

"You cannot live a long life without having been forced to change your mind many times about people and things -- including in some cases, your whole view of the world. Those who glorify the young today do them a great disservice, when this sends inexperienced young people out into the world cocksure about things on which they have barely scratched the surface."

+Google​is it true that reselling a Pixel phone will get one's Google account deactivated? 

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I would have thought that denying customers cellular access on their phones would be illegal. Perhaps not in New Zealand.

Point, +Samsung Mobile​'s recall is thus far, from all accounts, a VOLUNTARY recall.

If they want to make it MANDATORY they should take appropriate steps. I know that if +Verizon​ were to cut me off from their network over this voluntary recall my first call, from another phone, would be to a lawyer to explore legal remedies. After all, I pay my bill, I bought my phone outright, and I'm not aware of being in breach of any legal statute by keeping my #Note7.

This whole thing is a mess but the decision to give up my phone should be mine alone. As long as I don't board an airplane with it there really should be no concern from anyone. Samsung should take heart that they have so many who truly love their Samsung device. 

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If +Samsung Mobile​ gets rid of the #GalaxyNote line I can guarantee they will lose me as a customer forever.

I really cannot imagine the thinking Samsung has... It is as if they don't understand WHY customers chose the Note to begin with, and WHY so many of us have stuck with the Note. I've had a Note since the Note2.

I use my Note for work and play day in, day out, all day long. If I am forced to give up my SPen I can guarantee that I would try to make the company sorry I did.

I still have my #GalaxyNote7 and don't plan to get rid of it until November, if at all. There is truly no other phone I would rather have.

Nothing could push me towards an iPhone more than being forced to give up the functionality of my SPen. Functionality, now there's something smartphone makers don't seem to understand. They focus so much on getting the phone slim and sleek looking, I always put mine in a case. Removable batteries add functionality to a phone but manufacturers don't seem to understand that.

Samsung may not release a Galaxy Note 8 as it looks to improve product quality

It's honestly hard for me to admit this but I'm considering switching to an #iPhone... Thanks to +Google​ almost all the apps I use every day are available on iOS (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Music, Keep, Inbox, Newsstand, Hangouts).

Thanks to +Samsung Mobile​​ I'm having to look at options without an #SPen... I've already made a major compromise by giving up the removable battery on my #Note3, now it looks like I'm going to have to give up the SPen on my #Note7. No one, not even Samsung seems to want to switch back to the Note5.

What to do, what to do.

Thankfully, the price I paid for the Note7 will almost cover a new iPhone 7+ and an +Apple​ watch 2. Thankfully? Ridiculously. I still can't believe I paid that much for a defective phone. 

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Something like this happened almost as soon as I got a phone without a removable battery. 
Just updated my phone, and my battery is at -1094832612%...

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Veal picata with garlic knots. Their marinara sauce is the best I've ever had 

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Few weapons have had as colorful a life as Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. A fan has created a lovely tribute video tracing its travels across the galaxy.

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The Ideal Conceal, a two round, .380 derringer, is designed for open carry gun owners reluctant to show their weapons in public.
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