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Don't act like a Mac!
Don't act like a Mac!


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Como QR codes funcionam
Animação que mostra o formato e o algorítimo de um QR Code.

 For more, see Wikipedia and

Some terminology:
* Quiet zone or margin: is used to isolate the code from other packaging information. This zone is four modules wide
* Position detection patterns: located in three of the four corners. This allows 360 degree (omni-directional) high-speed reading of the code
* Data area: is an array of rows and columns. Each cell is stored as a binary number (1 and 0). Error correction codes are inserted into this area as well
* Alignment pattern: they can appear In more complex QR Codes and they will be located in the lower right hand corner. This pattern allows the QR reader to correct for distortion when the code is bent or curved.The number of alignment patterns used depends upon how much information is being encoded and appear on Version 2 and higher
* Timing pattern: helps to detect the position of each cell in the QR Code
* Version info: Span from Version 1 (21 x 21 modules) to Version 40 (177 x 177 modules)
* Format info: It contains the error correction rate and mask pattern of QR Code. The format information is read first when the code is decoded
* Error-correction (Reed-Solomon code): is applied to restore the data when a part of QR Code is missing. The restoration rate varies on 4 different error correcting levels. For example, if a damaged area is up to 15% of the entire code size, its data can be restored by level M error correcting
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