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Java 7 vs Guava
Guava APIs obsoleted by JDK7

While Guava doesn't require JDK7, there are a bunch of Guava APIs that have been obsoleted by JDK7. If you're using JDK7, you should prefer the built-in JDK7 APIs over the Guava APIs; at some point, we may remove these APIs from Guava. Here’s a list of obsoleted Guava APIs and their JDK replacements:

-instead of c.g.c.base.Charsets.UTF_8, prefer java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets.UTF_8 (same goes for the other constants in our Charsets class)
-instead of c.g.c.base.Objects.equal(), prefer java.util.Objects.equals()
-instead of c.g.c.base.Objects.hashCode(), prefer java.util.Objects.hash()
-instead of c.g.c.collect.Iterators.emptyIterator(), prefer java.util.Collections.emptyIterator()
-instead of, prefer (same goes for the other compare() methods in our primitive wrapper classes)
-instead of the static factory methods for creating collections (e.g. Lists.newArrayList()), prefer the constructors with the diamond operator (e.g., new ArrayList<>())

JDK8 obsoletes a ton of Guava APIs, so we’re hard at work figuring out what a JDK8-friendly version of Guava will look like!

-+Kurt Alfred Kluever , Guavian

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Convincing people the easy way :)

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Recommender systems (especially the simple ones) tend to over-specialize, leading to a "filter bubble" where you only see content that you'll probably like or that confirms your beliefs. This is a dangerous thing that more people should be aware of. Tools like Google's personalized search make it harder to do real research on a topic.

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Attended Berlin Buzzwords Conference 2013 #bbuzz   this week. Not exactly Strata, the talks were mostly disappointing with only a few highlights. If it hadn't been for Ted Dunning, it would have been an ultra dull experience.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Java 8 in one blog posting.

Just figured out how to access a Kerberos-secured web resource (Apache + mod-auth-kerb) using curl:

curl --negotiate --user : URL

The --negotiate option was quite obvious, the mandatory (but empty) --user option less so. This also requires a valid TGT and authorization on the Apache end, of course.

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I have long been under the impression that the so-called agile movement has fallen prey to book authors and snake oil salesmen wanting to sell overpriced consulting services. In his blog posting, Bertrand Meyer notes that "triumphant anecdotes" dominate agile literature and that the proper amount of up-front analysis is still essential.

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... and we're live. Finished my first release as release manager for Apache Crunch at the Apache Incubator. So much more complicated than releasing stuff at work ;-)

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Last week in a nutshell.

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A critical look at the impact the dot com generation had on IT (and Unix).
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