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Post Election Thoughts
Election 2016 - Some Thoughts Following every election of a new administration there is a sense of trepidation of the unknown. The election of Donald Trump as the next President of the
United States has brought forth a stream of mixed and swirling emotions....

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A Park Ranger's Life; Required Reading In University English Class
Today I will be speaking with the Non Fiction Writing class at Washington and Lee University. This is the second year they have used my book, A Park Ranger's Life , as required reading for this course.

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Park Ranger Secrets
A new article is out in Readers Digest on line outlining 32 secrets for park visitors from park ra Fellow ex park ranger/author Andy Lankford ( Park Ranger Confidential)  and myself were both interviewed by Michele Crouch for this article. You will find us ...

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A question I received as to why I was interested in being a National Park Ranger. Being in the
outdoors has always been my passion whether it was playing as child or camping
and backpacking when I got older.  This
was combined with my family visiting Nation...

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College Student Questions
I just received some questions from a student at George Washington University about Park Rangering.  I thought I would share my answers over a few posts.  I hope you find them of some interest. As I read on your website, you recently gave a presentation abo...

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Theft From Our National Parks
Last month I gave a presentation for a Road Scholar Program held at Natural Bridge in Virginia.  The title of the presentations was "Stealing Our National Parks; One Piece At A Time."  In the audience were Wayne and Carla Anderson from Missouri.  They were ...

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Dwindling Park Ranger Ranks
Below is a link to an interesting article from the National Park Traveler  website. Due to the increasing retirement of law enforcement National Park Rangers, the number of Rangers in the parks are declining quicker than positions can be filled.  Budget res...

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Dangers in National Parks
As I used to tell new and seasonal park rangers, "the one thing that most people do not pack for their park visits is their common sense."  Which leads to false senses of security.  Here are some examples of how a park visitor can get themselves in trouble ...

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Wildlife Officer Attacked in North Carolina
Even people stealing plants from public lands can become dangerous to Park Rangers and other Land Management Officers.  Here is an example from North Carolina. “Charges in attack on wildlife officer upgraded to attempted murder”  - from a Greenville, SC new...

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A Reader's Story
I recently received this email from one of my son's friends who recently read A Park Ranger's Life . You never know the connections that can be made with our fellow humans.  I am humbled to think that the writer felt that reading my book influenced his deci...
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