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Hey Buster, I'm 12 years old and live in Palo Alto. I'm a HUGE fan of yours and I'm wondering what your thoughts are about what position you think you will be playing in this 2012 year. After the whole Scott Cousins collision, things will get weird for SF. I listen to the news and most of the news says that you will be playing mostly 1st base. Since you are SF's catcher and we witnessed the Giants in a world without the great Buster Posey (we didn't make the playoffs in 2011), things will be different without you as catcher. If you do play mostly 1st, than that means Aubrey will either need to sit on the bench or play left field. If Aubrey does play in left field than we leave out Brandon Belt. It depends on how you guys want to set up the outfield. It could be Nate Shierholtz, Melky, and Angel Pagan. Or Brandon/Aubrey, Melky, and Angel. There is a huge controversy between you, Brandon and Aubrey, and we most certainly need you in the line up so you guys can win the WS again for the fans here in the Bay Area. Please I hope you will play catcher for us!
Nice for your concerns. As of now, catcher will be the position to play. There will be no need to switch. Unless there are circumstances that make it unnecessary to play first base every once and a while. But as of now the position is stating catcher.
Thank you for responding so quickly! I can't wait to see you in the squat for S.F. (I play catcher for my little league team) This year will be exciting since you, and Freddy are going to be back in the line up.
Hi im also a huge fan of the giants and have been sense the 2005 season. I have been playing fantasy base ball and you, lincicum and panada are on my team every year sense y'all started playing. Im 12 years old and i was wondering if there was a chance(opening)
for a bat boy
Hello Buster. It's so great to see you here and sharing a few words with your super-fans. Prayers, thoughts, love, hope and all of these things have been sent your way since your accident on May 21st (I think that's the day-maybe May 20th?) Its just one month now til Spring Training and your action and presence in the team and on the field will be the greatest thing for all your fans. I'm hoping to get to those 2 games in early April with the Giants playing the A's. It will be so good to see you back on the field with all the rest of the team. I hope this has been a great period of time for you to spend with your beautiful family. Those little one of yours are so beautiful and you and your wife must be so happy with them. Your super fans love you Buster! Thanks for being you. From super-fan, Ed
BUSTER ADD ME PLEASE! And I have your signed card that's worth $100. AMAZING. Just to be serious I think Kyle Williams did mess up I'm mad too but still, Death Threats! Thats just not right...
totally i feel so bad 4 the kid it must suck!

p.s. hey buster email me please haha :)
Not to be mean, but do you really think a professional baseball player would spend his free time on a chatting website... nope didn't think so.
yah actually maybe he would because he could get 2 know his fans
yah she has a goog point
Well if there was only a way to find out...

yeah EXACTLY dont ruin peoples lifes its not good
i agree he also had a hurt shoulder
also he might have been having a off day, we are all human, we all make mistakes, williams is a great football player better than who ever is reading this so shut ur pie hole sorry! williams makes a lot of money and he does need to play HIS BALLS OFF but u cant just blame the hole thing on him even tho he did play prity badly, I GIVE HIM CREDIT FOR NOT SITTING DOWN AND CRYING AND BALLING HIS EYES OUT LIKE T O M B R A D Y HA HA!
it is okay we all love him so the stupid people that give him death threats they are just sore losers
he doesn't desurve death threats
Kyle u tried and thats what matters most
oh u posted this 2 days after my b-day!!
what the heck Brian so random
Ima be canter field someday for the giants 
cEnter field not canter field
MW Rob
You are awesome Posey!!
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