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How can you close more sales in your business??

Here is a short blog post with a HUGE secret!

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation of talking to a potential customer or business partner and just WORD VOMIT all over them to the point they are not even remotely interested anymore??? I think 100% of you reading ...
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Brian Fryer

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3 positions available!

See if you qualify here >>
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Brian Fryer

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Have you heard of the Toxic Test?

See how your home may be in DANGER right now! Here is how you can check your score!

Take the Test:
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I was once told, a life-changing opportunity only comes around once, maybe twice, in your life time. I firmly believe, with my whole heart, that time is now.

Don't trust me, trust my judgement. :)

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Which will you choose??

Faith or Control? Great blog post here for any reader! :)

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This may just be the most POWERFUL message you have ever read and choice you will ever make. It may be something you have thought about, or pondered, but never made the decision. I would agree that it may be the very thing th...
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Stop waiting for validation from ignorant people. It's not coming.

When you are first starting, they will call you crazy.

When you become successful, they will call you lucky.

Let the fact that you are making the smart move be it's own reward. We have a better way

-Eric Worre 

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Be Original.

For those who utilize +Google+  to market your profession, business, etc. you MUST be original with your content. What does this mean? Well, for starters YOU have a completely different following than the next person...a whole different set of eyeballs than someone else watching your every move. Be original with YOUR content.

Can you stem ideas and thoughts from something you saw someone else post? Absolutely...but put it in your own words and with your own twist. Did you recently learn something that your friends/followers could benefit from? Then share it with them!

Content is King(Value).....NOT repeated pics or slogans selling your products. Nobody likes ads filling their news-feed. Be original. 

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Brian Fryer

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Before I put this on Youtube, this video already had almost 500 views in just a couple of hours! For those who missed it, here ya go! ;-) 
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Brian Fryer

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DO Not Compare Yourself to Others!

Great inspirational video! 
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You're welcome +Emily McMurtrey !! 
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Brian Fryer

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If you were to learn that you were unknowingly, causing SEVERE harm to yourself and your children every day, would you want to know?

If you answered ** YES ** keep reading.... (click SEE MORE)

I know when I was asked the same question, my first thought was of my beautiful children. I was living in the dark for all of these years, "assuming" the things we were using were safe.....


We took 3 minutes and took the Toxic Test to find out the TRUTH!

Next Steps:

1.) Comment I Want the Truth below to acquire Test link

2.) Post YOUR score upon completing the test

3.) Tag 2 family members or friends who you feel will benefit from this information, and then SHARE this post!

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This is probably the most IMPORTANT blog post I have ever written. It directly affects the future health of you and your loved ones. Take 3 minutes to read here:

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Today, may just be the day, that changes you and your families life forever.  What do we all think of when we hear or see the word DANGER ?? We immediately think about words like: stay away, harmful, watch out, not safe...
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Are you constantly feeling defeated in your home based business? Tired and feel like giving up? Have no fear and read this inspiring blog post about Never Giving Up!

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The one thing I have learned over the last 6 years in the Home-Based Business arena, is that I have a choice. I have a choice whether to succeed, or to fail. I have a choice to keep going or to throw in the towel.... I prom...
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Keep going +Emily McMurtrey :)
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Mentorship and helping those strive to be the best they can be in life and in business!
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I am passionate about being in the networking industry and having the opportunity to help others reach their full potential in life and business!
My background is very DIVERSE, in that, I have been known to most as a father, husband, professional baseball player, network marketer, business mentor as well as social media mentor in general...!

There are a couple of sources to help keep you connected to what I am doing, innovating, and teaching to many like-minded entrepreneurs:

-  My Facebook Fan Page has many engaged followers who I share daily value with as well as tips and ideas on how to increase recognition of their brand online.

- If you are a READER, be sure to plug into my blog HERE! A place where I truly get to share my heart in what has helped me achieve the level of success that I have. Again, many more industry secrets, networking tips and discussion material can be found there no matter what type of marketer you are!

If you are a mover & shaker but are STUCK in your same old marketing ways, or at a complete stand-still in your business now, let me consult you on how to optimize and maximize results in your business! Contact me directly
  • Buena High School
    1996 - 2000
  • Ventura College
    2001 - 2002
  • New Mexico Highlands University
    Psychology, 2003 - 2004
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