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Douglas Crockford
_ __ ___ ____ _____ In the Twenty First Century!
_ __ ___ ____ _____ In the Twenty First Century!

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The first good parts operating system was Unix.

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I am on my way to code::dive.

Judging by the merchandise on display at the Disney parks, Grumpy is still a very popular character, which is amazing considering that he was just a bit player in a large ensemble and hasn't worked since 1937. I think they should bring him back in a short titled "A Fine Kettle of Fish".

After striking it rich in the diamond mine, he moves to Silicon Valley, where he sets himself up on San Hill Road as a venture capitalist. He doesn't understand most of the pitches he hears, but he is happy to give career advice to the entrepreneurs. "It ain't no trick to get rich quick, if you dig dig dig with a shovel and a pick. You gotta whistle while you work. I don't whistle much myself. I have people who whistle for me. Which ones of youse are the whistlers?"

He was very excited about investing in data mining and blockchain startups until he found that they were not using pick axes or shovels.

He refused to invest in startups that were headed by women. "They have wicked wiles," he insisted, still not knowing what wicked wiles are. So he is sued for sexual harassment.

After these horrible shootings, we are told "now is not the time" for talk about effective gun control. But these shootings never stop, so it is always "not the time".

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Given enough bugs, all eyeballs are shallow.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
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