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Crystal Pinkston

I found this place when it first opened nearly 5 years ago. As the years went on the service got worse. The facility is very appealing to the eye and a fresh breathe of air but the quality of the work decreased at the place grew. I decided to give it another try today and after 4 hrs my nails and toes are chipping. Not to mention I got charged for a scrub I never received. Barely any callus removal when the description said intensive callus removal. And more of of a skin flushing rub than a foot massage. I wanted so bad for this to be good. Oh and I forgot...when u first sit down they open a book to show you all the services, well they just so happen to open it to the most expensive pedicure. Even when I declined I was asked repeatedly throughout the service if I wanted to upgrade. Just like the other reviewer I don't like tips have to be paid in cash. $60 down the drain and chipped nails and toes to show for it.
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