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Ben Judy
User experience design. Or, making stuff usable and enjoyable for people. That's what I do.
User experience design. Or, making stuff usable and enjoyable for people. That's what I do.

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Spotify... oh Spotify, part of me still loves you. But I'm leaving you for Amazon Cloud Player. We've been spending time together lately and... well, we just have this connection I never felt with you. Plus -- I don't wanna go all cheap -- but you kinda cost more, ya know? Please stay in touch. We don't have to be all weird around each other. I think you and me and Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music will always be friends. I hope so. Sincerely, me.

Updating auto-pay accounts with new credit card. By far, the most difficult & confusing update process is #verizon

Email from recruiter: "I have client of mine looking forward to bring in a UI with your skillet." The jokes write themselves.

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Helping +Myles Alden move. Lots of work loading up the truck. Then we discover we could have just moved using the Web. Duh. Clicky clicky woulda been a lot easier.

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Just in time for World Usability Day (11/10/11), listen to my interview with WUD founder +Elizabeth Rosenzweig! An all-new episode of the DFW UX podcast is read for your listening pleasure!

Steve Jobs worked at Apple right up until death. How utterly sad. I hope at my life's end -- especially if I am in poor health -- I am not at the office making more toys for snotty, entitled, first world kids. (Not saying all iPhone owners are that kind of kid... I'm just saying... work / family... #priorities)

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I guess nobody told Steve Jobs, "don't be evil." An honest accounting of the man's life reveals... he pretty much was evil. Let's not gloss over the man's moral and personal failures while we observe his passing.

"Based on the information that you have provided you are qualified to serve as a juror in Denton County. NO SHORTS please."

So that's why the picked me and not my petite wife. It sucks being 6'2" tall!

Accidentally cut my finger with a knife. I guess it's Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

10/10 is new phone day for me! Goodbye, 1st gen Droid. So many choices... Droid Bionic? HTC Vigor? Or do I switch teams and go iPhone?
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