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Do you truly know people around you, those who you call friends? Are they real friends or just people who like being invited to the parties and belonging to your group? Why people come into your life?
All this and more here...

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More and more people are searching and reading about relationships and especially about being in a manipulative relationship and how to escape from such relationship whether at work or at home. This fact makes me think that either people are ready to grow and that they finally are able to see and accept the truth.
I am proud of you for this step forward! Though it may seem a tiny one for you, in reality it is a huge push forward. <3

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The baby was born! :)
My #book "The Secret Language Airlines and Travel Agents Don't Want You to Learn" is now on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and in couple days on Nook!

Those of you who don't know, I was in air #travel industry for many years. I shared what I know through my #articles, but then people who value my content have inspired me to write a #book to share things that many travelers don't know about #airline travel, #flight booking process, finding #deals, etc.
The information you will find can save you money and unnecessary frustration and will help you to travel like a pro!

Check it out & share! :)

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About Choices...
How do you make your choices? How and Why do you choose what you choose? Do you usually choose an easier route? etc..

Please help me out here...
Yesterday I shared an article here about a different approach with the SEO wondering if anyone has tried it and the post was removed.
Did I do anything wrong?

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How about this SEO approach? Not totally convinced, but I'll definitely try :)

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How often do you stop and breathe?
Many entrepreneurs get themselves so busy with work that they truly believe there is no other way.  What I hear a lot is "I don't have time". No wonder so many of the business owners find themselves stuck or not being  able to find effective solutions for their business.
Often we forget that it always starts from within; it starts with YOU. If we're focused, clear, and peaceful inside, the right solutions, people, and opportunities will follow.

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About our fears, no matter what they relate to, and how get rid of them. Only one small step at a time will eventually get you to the life of freedom! :)

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What does Happiness mean for you?
Is it financial freedom, friends, kids, a cone of ice cream, or maybe something else? There is a common theme here, so check it out! :)

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About the Relationships, Intuition, Reality and more...
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