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FLAILSNAILS AD&D in one hour! Test your character's mettle against the horrors of Castle Amber.
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Yup will be there - did you post XP from the last session?
Sorry dude, i got a game to run myself this afternoon and then ice hockey after.
I am a maybe. Karraway the Cleric that is
1st lvl B/X or LL or whatever thief ok? Also have my 2nd lvl fighter, but don't wanna get him killed just yet ^_^.
Anything you want to bring in is fine. : )
Man, I wouldn't have read Castle Amber a couple months ago if I would have known people would be running it on G+...

I still need to build it in minecraft...

Good luck to all the explorers :)
Starting hangout now. If anyone else wants to join, let me know!
Thanks for the invite Shawn - once again weekend work wrecked my day. Ugh. Hopefully I'll be able to jump back in at some point, but it's still not looking good for the near future.
+Kyrinn S. Eis - Thanks for playing! I look forward to playing in your game one of these days.

+Greg Backus - No problem, man. Helg was probably better off missing this one. It was almost a TPK. ; )
I posted it in the comments section of the hangout. It's 1615xp
No problem. It's easy to miss stuff in the feed.
Fun game, thanks for running Shawn, even though we almost all got kilt!
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