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I am that Jerk who lives in the Midwestern USA
I am that Jerk who lives in the Midwestern USA

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Pick of the 2017 objective
I am not sure if i like this one or not. Need to see it out of the Blister. It looks like something from the TV series Star GAte.  i think it is a little to funky for ww2 or even Cold war. So what do my fellow players think of this one? I was hoping for the...

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Get your head start on your team Yankee CAnadians
Nice stuff here . Alot of models that BF doesnt have out yet for us fellow Cold War.

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Anyone on here play BAttle group?

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British Army FV436 now available!
ArmiesArmy are pleased to announce that the 15mm British Fv436 command APC is now available. The FV436 comes with additional stowage bins (top and side), radio aerials and a stowed 'Penthouse command tent' Available now at my shop Thanks ...

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The Plastic Soldier Company shared their photo.
January 25 at 7:25am ·
15mm modern Soviet T55 plastic kit availabe to pre-order!
5 model tanks in the box. Options to build T55, T55A or T55AM
Due for release 22nd April 2017, but preorder now to take advantage of the pre-order discount, be entered into a prize draw to win a platoon of five painted T55s (your choice of army and paint scheme), painted by the fair hand of our very own, award-winning Tim Harris, and of course to be among the first to get this sought after plastic loveliness!
Available in the PSC webstore

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BAttle Group NORTHAG?!
This looks Interesting adnd awesome for some PSC Cold war Love,
Well this explains the PSC T55 TAnk kit.

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here are few of my piks.
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