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Why I Need to Leave the United States to Die
In the United States, legislation to
allow death with dignity or aid in dying is passing one state at a time. These
laws generally allow doctors to help someone die if that person has a terminal
illness and six months or less to live. While I applaud that e...

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Why I Support Death with Dignity and Physician-Assisted Suicide
is better to kill oneself intentionally than to live unintentionally. Life
and death exist on a continuum. In each moment we are living but also dying.
There can be a consciousness in every moment of our lives. There can also be a
lack of consciousness. ...

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I rarely ask for money for an organization.  But, the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance works for sexual freedom and human rights every day of the year.  It would be unacceptable to me to only do one or the other.

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So proud of this writing.  It encapsulates and speaks to my core message and reason for being on this earth.

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We Will All Leave Each Other
will all leave each other at some point in time. How we know each other now
will not be the same in the future. All things change with time. We hope to change
for the better, but shifts will occur in all of our relationships in any case. We
will all leav...

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It is time to talk about consent in health care and death and dying as well as in all other parts of life.

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Storytelling Medicine: You of All the People in the World
had decided that you of all the people in the world could be there when I die,
and now you cannot be in my life at all. For
about a year, I had felt that I possibly had some terminal illness. Not being
inclined to go see a doctor, I had Googled my symptom...

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Here it is.  My first attempt to make a nice pdf of one of my writings and offer it to the world for money.  Obligation is Not Love.
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