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Sandro Tosi

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Operation Rails N’ Trails (because plans change)

Total Number of Fields Thrown – 21 Layers
Total MU – 15,377,093 MU through Checkpoint, and a total of 64,587,187 MU thrown.
Total New Onyx badges – lunagreenalcove, MotocrossManiac, OMGuns, th3fath3r
States with Green Skies – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

How does an idea start?
It’s a simple question with a not so simple answer. However, I do believe these quotes from the brightest of minds could be an answer…maybe.

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Albert Einstein ✔
“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt ✔

Ah screw it. Individually we might not be the geniuses of our time. But that doesn’t matter at all. Because as a team, and more importantly a community that works together, we can bring a small idea to life and execute it to perfection. And most importantly, have fun at the same time.

The abbreviated background: While @sonofahiker and myself were going on a short hike to set up the Bronx/New Jersey Cycle Crusher™, he mentioned a portal/area that is perfect for an anchor. “Let’s do the damn thing,” was the immediate reaction. In come @kiltymcb, @mombat35, and @magnit0. Then of course comes @PathMobile saying, “let's do this far sexier thing,” as he usually does. Big shout out to all the planners for choosing anchors and lanes that made this possible.

However, planners are not the most important cog in a machine to make a field idea work. The enthusiasm to be a part of this from the Tri-State area community was astounding, but not surprising in the least bit.

One year ago this would have been a daunting task. Clear the Hudson River from Upstate CT to Staten Island? No thank you. But maybe we were wrong to even think that?

Due to the amazing work over the past year from Yonkers to the Bronx; NYC’s Upper West Side and Lower Manhattan; Staten Island; the Mid-Hudson Valley; and of course New Jersey…clearing the Hudson River was not only an option…it was set up for it.

Game Day, 2:42 pm: Everyone is in position, but we’re all ready for the potential for something to go wrong. Except it doesn’t. Because, we are #ballers. @mombat35’s rails go up after a hike along the Hudson River. Instaclears from 55+ plus ENL agents across the Tri-State drop the blockers. Fields go flying from @th3fath3r, @lunagreenalcove @MotocrossManiac (congrats on Onyx) and @5etokaiba, @taliatha, @magnit0 (welcome back). Hour later after inoculation runs off, let’s rethrow the damn thing! Another onyx for @OMGuns. 5:46 PM: Field is still up and people are drinking beers, eating pizza, and relaxing after a fun day. @methos4 who set up the Kent, CT spine with @MindYourKill and @KillYourMind…went back out to Kent, CT and rethrew 9,234,898 MU. Because why not? The prep work, enthusiasm and people on the ground were ballers.
To go back to the beginning of how does an idea start? It doesn’t start because you rub a magic lamp and hope it comes true. You set yourself and your environment up to be ready for your next great idea.

~Special Thanks To~
– People who know the value of the Pythagorean Theorem
– People not listed who were pivotal to the success of this field
– People willing to drive over an hour to hit one or two targets
– People willing to be on standby babysitting a section of lane with nothing to do just in case something went wrong
– Pre-clear teams who set up areas way in advance and were willing to let their area fields/special portals go down for the greater good
– Spoofers who let the field live for 4 hours while other spoofers were killing guardians under a sea of green
– Res who gave props to the field

#27StraightCycles #Lima01 #WeWillAgain #ButWhere??? #ENLorGTFO #RealBallers #DongBang

~Anchor Teams~

~Planning Team~

~Operator Team~
PathMobile – Lead Op

~Clearing, Prep Team a Key Farming Teams~
1stBattalion, 3rdEyeOpen, 5etokaiba, AnalogVibe, BigAl1679, Bigmamakane, Bkomom, BlackIcedCoffee, BlckRozes4Evr, Bossytracy, CatrpilrQueen, Codenameraul, Collars2thewind, Coolnez23, CrazedFrog, DarthPinto, DataNodsUser, Decroix, DisasterAimiya, Doppeljr, Draguignan, EZEagle, ezporter, fakeb3ave, Feanor, Flyer87, Gatekeeper12, Gumshoes, Haruko22, Heartstealer28, holleeta, HylianCat, Immortal5of5, Killer19Kilo, KillYourMind, Kiltymcb, Krishean, Ladyhaze, Laquatus, Leim, Louizilla, lunagreenalcove, MagicalHacker, Magnit0, Methos4, MindYourKill, mombat35, MotocrossManiac, Mysmaster, Necroplasm, NekoNinja414, NuckingFutsJC, OMGuns, paleimperial, Rederick57, rule1reboot, sandrotosi, SatoriCreature, sonofahiker, Symbiote, Tacticalbigboss, talaitha, tandbkrish, Tehclaw, Th3Fath3r, Thuddnugget, Tommyknocker34, TonyJay89, Turtlezorg, UnGod, Venomlp, VJFZUIB9, westfellow, ZenSpawn

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Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand
Love letters in the sand, I remember you
And through the sleepless nights, through every endless day
I'd wanna hear you say, I remember you

We've had our share of hard times, but that's the price we paid
And through it all we kept the promise that we made
I swear you'll never be lonely
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Kansas City
Kansas City
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Accept concert
Accept concert
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the decision of cancelling the anomaly in Houston is really upsetting and unmotivated - if you want to help a city get back on its feet then let people come, contribute to its economy with tourism and bringing hundreds/thousands (maybe) of people is WHAT HOUSTON NEEDS!!! If you booked your hotel, you're gonna cancel that so guess what, less money to rebuild Houston, that seems exactly the opposite of what Houston needs now, or not?

Please, pretty please, reconsider this and keep HOU as an anomaly site.

It looks like you plan to host an operation ClearField in the same date, now while i understand the target of OpCF is to help the local community, it means you deem the site safe enough to host a Niantic-backed event, so why not keeping the anomaly as announced since months?

But if you really think this is in the best interest of Houston and the Ingress players (who planned, booked (something without cancellation), hoped to go to Houston), then at least consider adding more US anomaly sites: currently in the first round there is only Boulder in the whole US, and the second round SF and Honolulu, quite hard places to reach from the east coast

Remember, anomalies are to get agents together: SO LET US GET TOGETHER!! GIVE US HOUSTON BACK or at least real alternatives

+NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Andrew Krug +John Hanke
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