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NEWS: RadioShack Is Closing 552 Stores... Any More?
     Add it again... Not long after last week's announcment of closing 187 stores, This time, Radioshack will now close another 552 stores. The 187 will close immediatly and the other 365 included in the 552 will close the first week of April. Here is the l...

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NEWS: JCPenney Closing 138 Stores.
Fremont Mall, Fremont, Nebraska.- Courtesy of Labelscar.      Another huge blow to dozens of malls and towns across the country, as JCPenney announced they will close 138 stores by the summer. Like many, JCPenney's decision was brought on by the growing thr...

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Gordmans Calls It Quits, Filed For Bankruptcy and Liquidation in Order.
     Omaha, Nebraska- based clothing chain Gordmans has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy will plans to liquidate all assets. In Gordmans case, court filing will have to approve if all inventory and assets will be liquidated, unlit a better offer is made thro...

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Done For Good? RadioShack Closing 187 After Filing Second Bankruptcy.
     In 2015, Radio Shack filed for bankruptcy and closed nearly 2,500  stores, everyone thought that was the end for the Shack, a bad marketing turn around a year earlier didn't save them, but Sprint took over many locations and co-branded them, two years ...

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Gander Mountain Filed for Chapter 11, Closing 32 Stores.
     A new face in this pandemic of chains liquidating is Gander mountain, who at times, closed a store or two announced it will close 32 of its locations as a result in filing chapter 11 bankruptcy. Gander Mountain, based in St. Paul, Minnesota has 162 loc...

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Staples Closing 70 Stores As Sales Tank.
     The leading office supply retail chain behind Office Depot OfficeMax is cutting its footprint by closing 70 stores this year. According to Fortune , this is a result of sales decline, and a declining stock price after closing 42 stores last year and st...

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Strack n Vantil Closing Several Stores in Illinois.
     Not a new topic that the Chicago area is loosing for stores. A sign of the times, taxes, location may all be factors, but what not factored in is that we will have no where to shop anymore. The Chicago Tribune reported that Highland, Indiana-based Stra...

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Crocs Closing 160 Stores.
     The colorful, foam show company Crocs Inc plans on closing 160 stores, 28 percent of there stores this year after poor revenue and dropping sales. Crocs can join the list of several other retailers closing stores this year. Soon possibly, Crocs stores ...

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Vanity Bankrupt: Closing All 140 Stores.
     Another mall clothing retailer will be no more. Fargo, North Dakota-based women's clothing chain Vanity has filed for bankruptcy and as a result, will be closing all there stores. Vanity was founded in 1966 and has stores in 27 states across the countr...

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HHGregg Closing 88 Stores After Bankruptcy Rumors.
     In order to stay in business, Indianapolis- based HHGregg is closing 40 percent of there stores, that means 88 locations will close by near the end of April. This is a preventative measure, as last week, talk of bankruptcy was in the news, and this mig...
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