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Free Minecraft Games Online
Free Minecraft Games Online

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Welcome everybody to Speed Miner game! This is the third adventure of a guy called Speed Miner. After he has finished work at Axe Town, he keeps on searching treasures in other lands. On his move, he reaches a village named New Ville. Villagers are so poor.
Therefore, with a pick in hand, this guy decides to help those pity people. Adventures are not only adventurous people, but they are also kind-hearted and generous. Help him to move deeper inside the ground to seek as many treasures as possible to do good things.
Let see in 60 seconds how many arrow blocks you can help this guy to destroy! Your points depend on the number of arrow blocks you destroy. Work hard to have a big score in Speed Miner game!
* There are arrow blocks and you need to hit the corresponding arrow keys to destroy them.
* You activate TNT by pressing Shift key.

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Wow, you have freedom in Minecraft 2D. You are the king or queen of this land or even if you are the creator. Hey, creators!

What is going to be built in your kingdom? Are there any castles filled with magic blocks that no kingdoms have seen before? Are there any abstract paintings that you want to do in Minecarft 2D? Just say out loud any ideas in your head and go ahead!

This land welcomes creativity and indeed creativity is one of the most valuable things that humans own. What do you want to make and where do you put them? Hold your mouse and start creating! By the way, Pixel Box game is another great land which welcomes your creativity. Check it soon!
+ Minecraft 2D is played with the mouse.
+ You click to destroy blocks.
+ You click and press a key from X to M to place certain kind of block.

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Welcome loved Minecraft fans to Dangerous Creeper! A volunteer creeper decides to destroy a cave in which has magic blocks. This mission is so dangerous because he is likely to lose his life. Help this creeper, fans!
What hurts him in this cave is the block. They are magic blocks and creepers are allergic to them. Exactly, these blocks kill them painfully. Once creepers hit them, they lose their health quickly. That is the reason why all creepers desire to destroy this cave as fast as possible. Hence, help this brave creeper move cleverly in the cave!
Fortunately, on his way there are some bonuses which can assist him. For instance, there are Red Cross which enhances his health, Blue Double Arrow which makes the motion slow, and 2X which increases your scores. Let see whether you can be the winner in Dangerous Creeper game!

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Caved In takes inspiration from Terraria, Dungeon Crawlers, Minecraft, and Dwarf Fortress. A guy from another planet enters a cave in Minecraft world in the purpose of seeking treasure. Hence, in Caved In game you are going to help this alien to dig as many precious items (e.g. gold) as possible. Especially, some ladies are kept somewhere in the cave. Help him save those ladies as well.
- You press X to start the game.
- You use either the arrow keys or WASD to move and dig.
- You must build walls to protect him from deadly liquids including water and lava.
- You create walls by holding Shift or Z and press a move or dig key.
- A ladder helps him enter another level. Find it!
- Once he can reach the surface, he succeeds.
- Please be careful because the nearer you are in the surface, the more frequently cave ins
- You probably should read How To Play to get more specific information.

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Minecraft Flash is a piece of Minecraft game, and you are expect to experience this small game. The main character game is a little Minecraft guy. He is somewhere in Minecraft world.

Unfortunately, before he builds or makes something to hide or fight against potential enemies, creepers recognize his existence. Now, you need to help this new boy survive and satisfy his sense of adventure. What can you build or create in this piece of Minecraft game, guys?

Many players have been amazed to find out how Minecraft Flash game is? How about you? We’d like to invite you play Minecraft Flash and read your comments. Besides Minecraft Flash, we have tons of other exciting Minecraft games.
+ You use the mouse to play Minecraft Flash.
+ He moves with WASD keys.
+ He has 10 hearts to survive, and you need you keep him far from creepers’ reach.
+ You click at the light to move to another part of the land.

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Minecraft Avoider Online

Help! Help! Your poor Minecraft guy is in danger in Minecraft Avoider. Angry creepers and cold-blooded skeletons are attacking him violently.

You really need to rescue himright now. This time creepers and skeletons explode with anger. Specifically, creepers can explode themselves in order to destroy Steve entirely and skeletons are able to shoot at arrows. If you are an experienced player, please don’t ignore Steve in this battle!

Some new features are added to this version consisting of Changed Powerup Texture to TNT, Added Skeletons, Changed Start Menu Background, and Changed Bullets to Arrow.

Thus, it promises to be an extremely challenging game and it is able to distinguish some players from others. Yes, players can compare together through Minecraft Avoider. Also test your skills in other Minecraft games such as Minecraft Zombie Survival and Minecraft Tower Defense.
- Either Arrow or WASD keys can help Steve move.
- You use the mouse to shoot at enemies.

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Minecraft Zombie Survival

This is Minecraft Zombie Survival game. Like its name, you are fighting against tons of zombies. Could you save this Minecraft boy from them? Hurry up!
He is alone while there are a great many zombies. These zombies are so lucky because the battlefield is quite green, which nearly matches their body color. Therefore, it is rather hard for players to spot them immediately. In addition, they have prepared carefully in advance.
They gather a considerable number of zombies at the same time with the aim of removing the Minecraft boy from their land forever. Once he is hit, his health is decreased quickly- The bar shows it. How long could he survive? It absolutely depends on you. Try to shoot bullets at zombies as soon as possible and move cleverly!
Instructions: - WASD keys help him move in the battlefield.
- He aims and shoots bullets with the mouse.
- You hit Enter to retry.

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Could you estimate how long you can survive in the land of zombies? In Minecraft In War, you are going to support Steve in the crowd of violent zombies. Steve has three lives to test how well he copes with zombies.
The more zombies are defeated by his bullets, the higher score he gets. The green bar at the bottom of the game field shows his health. Each time zombies hit him, his health is reduced remarkably. Protect Steve and knock as many zombies as you can!
The cleverness of your fingers is the decisive factor in Minecraft In War game. You can also test the quick movement of your fingers in Caved In and especially Speed Miner as well. Good luck, guys!
Instructions: - You press Space to go into the game or restart the game.
- You press ESC to turn back the main Menu.
- Steve moves with arrow keys.
- Steve fires with A key.

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Minecraft Platform Online

Welcome you to Minecraft Platform! This is indeed a great adventure where a lovely Minecraft character needs to seek a way out of the cave having several layers. You must lead this cute creature to a gate which connects two layers. If he fails to search for the gate, he is stuck there forever.
There is another type of creature in the cave. They are not strong, but if he does not move cleverly, they will limit his movement. Make them disappear by jumping on their back. The last level is very surprising and challenging. Let’s see whether you can lead him through it or not!
Besides the adventure type like Minecraft Platform, our game site has other exciting Minecraft types such as defense, skill, and strategy.
Instructions: = This creature moves thanks to arrow keys.
= Press Spacebar to help him release bullets.
= Press P when you need to pause.
= Press 0 to mute the sound.

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Minecraft Tower Defense New

Each kind of creature in Minecraft has its own strengths and weaknesses. Find out their traits in Minecraft Tower Defense because you are forced to know so that you can protect your house safely.
Minecraft tower defense category. Like the name, you will set traps and place towers to keep various awful enemies away from your house. They are varied in terms of strength and waves. If skeletons, zombies, and creepers are quite easy to be dealt with, you should prepare to face ghasts, silverfish, and endermen. Learning which traps (water trenches, lava trenches, TNT, and cacti) or towers (snow dispenser, arrow dispenser, fireball dispenser, and egg dispenser) could be the best choice to defeat them is a smart idea.
Let see which strategies you are going to use to cope with stubborn enemies and how many levels you can unblock!
Instructions: - The mouse is used to play this game.
- You click to dig a path and put towers and traps as well.
- The blocks you gain from defeated enemies are used to upgrade weapons.
- You can sell unnecessary weapons to buy new ones.
- The buttons at the bottom of the battlefield can be used to skip, pause, slow down or
speed up the game.
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