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"Where you go when you've done something wrong."

This year's senior class appear to be absolutists.

Tomorrow is Nerd Day for SJS homecoming week. I just massaged and milked a butterfly. Need I say more?

Best part of Breaking Bad: After almost 4 years, Jesse still calls Walt "Mr. White." Spot-on detail. 

You know those crazy mixed up school dreams ... can't find your classroom, möbius hallways etc? Believe me: They are much scarier as a teacher.

(Also, iPhone rocks with that auto-complete if möbius.)

Enjoying my last day as a brunette. 

1. How do these not cost money? 2. Obvious these "experts" spend no time in critical-needs schools or have the vaguest notion of how public school governance works (or doesn't work)

"I look like a nun in the church Johnny Depp would be the Pope of."

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Another well-written headline. Yep, I'd say he has lost all of his appeal.

Gregor Samsa is in my bathroom. 

8th grade writing prompt: Describe "green" to a blind person.

Student response: "Green is a heavy, loud color. It's crisp and clean. It is smooth and sweet. It's grapes and little baby grass. It is minty and fresh. It is fresh cut grass and summer. Green is a pine tree."

Thank you so much for these kids!
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