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Fabien Badilla
Awesomist extraordinaire!
Awesomist extraordinaire!

Hello all,
I'm an avid actual play listener and have played PBTA games here and there (Epyllion, Dungeon World, Blades in the Dark, The Sprawl...).
I'm looking to run World of Dungeons specifically, and I was wondering what basic/special moves (if any) you experienced GMs have pulled from Dungeon World which you felt enhanced the experience.
Any additional thoughts or advice for an experienced GM who is new to running WoDu and PBTA games is appreciated.

I'm looking to run The Madhouse Meet and I'd like to change the stats to make it challenging for a group of level 3 characters : two thieves (AL C & N), one warrior (AL L) and one cleric of Ildavir (AL N).
Any suggestions/ideas?

When a PC dies, do you start the player's next character at the level they were at? One level lower? Or all the way down to level 1 or even level 0?

Would your answer change if the player was dissatisfied with the character and wanted to roll up a new character?

I was thinking about DCC and lost wizard spells. I like how the disapproval range goes up for clerics and was thinking of doing something like that for wizard players, except it would use the misfire and corruption effects if the wizard player rolls in the 'disapproval' range (maybe call it 'misfire' range instead or something). That means that you could keep casting spells that would normally be lost, but you would be pushing your luck by doing so.


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I know that it links to Facebook (still trying to quit THAT social media platform) but my good friend +John Wick joined my home campaign of Dungeon Crawl Classics and this is a post about his opinion of the game so far.

I'm mostly amused because I know he'll be back for more... (Hi John!)
Add a comment...

TL;DR: how obvious and explicit do I need to be when describing things and their implied importance?

Quick concern I'm dealing with:
How obvious do I need to be with minor plot devices thrown into a game?
I keep hinting at things and let's just say that sometimes the players don't interact with something placed for them on purpose.
On the one hand, I strongly dislike forcing their hands and pointing things out from a metagame standpoint.

These are intelligent, seasoned players, who I think may just be too careful when it comes to interacting with all of the things they come across.

Specifically, I've introduced a community run by a minor religion. It's obvious that the minor religion's main cult has taken over the temple of another deity. Meanwhile, we have a cleric in the party who worships that deity and said they wish to actively learn more about their deity. Yet, when the opportunity presented itself, I must have been way to subtle with things. The players just don't seem interested in finding out more about the history of the temple, basically treating the situation as a backdrop rather than something of importance. I don't want to force their hands, but how do I make it more obvious that this may help them later, while not guiding them along?

This probably won't affect them in the future all that much, but there is insight present that this particular cleric might want. Yet, I am tempted to just be more blatant with things in the future.

Ultimately, I want them to learn to be more inquisitive and that it can pay off to be curious about the world!

Thoughts? Advice? Suggestions?

Has anyone worked out some stats for liches and demi-liches for DCC?
I introduced a couple NPCs in my game yesterday and I'd like to bring them back as liches next time around.
Any resources out there?

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That DCC campaign world is expanding: the PCs made it to level 2!
(Started including the map from 'Into The Demon Idol' if you look closely)
The PCs started in Karpae (@ 3,3), went through The Portal Under The Stars (@ 5,4), then due to shenanigans around the mines there, they were forced to collapse the entrance.
After that they helped reopen the old haunted mines (@ 1,2), met the beast master of the forest (a centaur @ 3,2) and are now on their way to the sunken ruins of an ancient city (@ 7,3) although they managed to get lost and are in a jungle elsewhere (@ 3,1).

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At Gen Con, I bought a couple of Crawl! fanzines, in it I found the Orc monster player Class. I love it and will be offering it as an optional Class for Players (if and when their current character dies).
What other playable Classes have you come across and would YOU recommend?
(and where can they be found?!)
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