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I have been using one plus x pretty much since it launched. It is pretty much when I changed to new job which requires me to stay awake till late night. Almost everyday I catch nap in afternoon to make up for lost sleep.

That side button to put phone on priority or silence mode is so useful for me. I just wanted to mention that through this post and may be thank one plus team for having thought about it. Great phone overall and hope to see it's newer variants....

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What is that sign on the left of the middle? A single vertical line?

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What is that sign on the left of the middle? A single vertical line?

One of my relative apparently wants to replace her dying phone with one plus x after only looking at my phone, does anyone have India specific invite to share please? Thanks in advance.

my phone now recognizes SD card, not sure what happened. But I will leave post here, just in case there's more to it. Anyway, 2 new questions: Is there anyway to make default photo/video location to sd card? How about moving apps to sd card? Thanks in advance,

Earlier question, solved now:
I just bought a 32 gb microsd card, but I am unable to use it. Tried to search in one plus forums and also this community, it has to do with some NTFS formatting. But other than that, I don't know much.

I have galaxy note 2 which recognizes this card. I tried to format it, but I don't get an option to format in as NTFS or anything else. It's just says format, and does it automatically. One plus x shows SD card in storage options, but I am unable to transfer anything to it, forget app, not even photos or any file. I am using ES file explorer for that.

I can't root my phone as it's encrypted, for my work emails. Any suggestion? Without SD card support, I probably wouldn't have bought the phone. Thanks

Apparently, I am finding it difficult to adjust to 5.5 inch screen (OPO which I recently bought as my son broke screen of HTC one m7), I hate it when I have to use second hand to reach other corner of screen.. So now I am looking for 5 inch screen phones. One plus x vs mi4, which one would you suggest. I am inclined towards mi4 due to battery size and 64gb memory. Any oneplus x owners who can help me understand why x? Thanks in advance.

Hi all, I have question about one plus one running oxygen os. I have downloaded color os camera which works great. But when I open it from lock screen and take picture, I can't view photos taken. Did anyone else havethis problem and did they find a work around? Thanks in advance...


Please comment once you use it, one plus x invite, India

A quick question, I will appreciate any suggestion, especially from those who have owned op1 and now own op2... I am getting like new condition op1 for 200$s and op2 for 350$s.. Is op2 worth that much extra money? Especially in camera department? Is it worth spending extra money for camera and fingerprint? I hardly care about other specs as I am an average user who will hardly notice any difference in performance.... Thanks in advance...

Finally received an invite, but I doubt I want to buy it. I can pass it on, but not sure how as it says it can only be used with my email id. Let me know if there's a way to pass it to someone else, but I would suggest to be patient as my number was around 80000+ and still received invite so fast... It will be only few days until you receive yours
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