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The Adventurous Art Teacher
The Adventurous Art Teacher

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Stages of an Expressive & Intuitive Painting
What is Expressive / Intuitive painting some might ask?  It is a style of painting that relies on you listening to your own intuitive voice. It should guide you along on the the process of making art while painting. In a prefect world is should help you ch...

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Stages of a Playful Watercolor Landscape
I always start with a quick watercolor in my sketchbook.  I got carried away with the sky in the sketchbook  Very stylized but I'm liking the effect.  I always play around with my marking in my sketchbook before adding the final details to the painting. Fee...

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Back in the Studio
It has been a long time since I've written on my blog, or felt like working in my studio. This past year was full of major stresses that I won't get into to, but I'm  happy to say my creative mojo has returned!   Praise the lord!

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Happy Valentines Day
I know I've been missing  for quite some time, but am starting to feel that pull again to get back in the studio. I have this week off and can't wait to start painting again.... see you soon with some new work;) Happy Valentines day to anyone that still che...

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Sunday Sketches; More of Linwood Gardens
The Gateway  One nice thing about getting a new computer with mega amounts of memory is that I was able to upload years of photograph memories. Years ago I spent the day with a couple of my artist girlfriends at Linwood Gardens in upstate New York. The old ...

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Watercolor Sketches: Linwood Gardens
Linwood Gardens Color study detail  Still keeping up with my sketches, but I must be honest its hard doing it everyday. It's summer vacation and some times I just want to lay around and do nothing..... Hope you are enjoying your summer. ~ Karen

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Sunday Sketches: Daily Vacation Sketches
Thursday I posted several watercolor drawings done in my sketchbook while was visiting my daughter in South Carolina.  I'm back home with lots of photographs taken during our trip and trying to sketch each  morning using my photo references. Meeting St Char...

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Vacation Sketches
Last week my husband and I spent time visiting our daughter and her boyfriend in South Carolina. Lucky for me I brought along my sketchbook hoping there would be some time to record our trip. The first morning I woke up way to early and realized I didn't kn...

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Sunday Sketches; The Susan E. Anthony Home
Project for the summer... Illustrating some of Rochester, New York's historical
and favorite locations to visit. The first sketch was done on location at The Susan B. Anthony Home . It's very playful and I'm not worrying about perspective. I'm just tr...

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Sunday Sketches; Abstract Art
  Feeling Sad Sometimes when you put yourself and your artwork out in the world you face rejection, and its not always easy to except. It's hard not to feel sad. I haven't been creating much art lately feeling rather sorry for myself. It's time to start mov...
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