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Luxury Retailer of the Year: 2014


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Pigeon is doing what Pigeons do Best .... a mess !

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Local Search factors for new businesses
In today’s world there are many factors to consider before starting an online business. The first and foremost factor is what is called the “Wow” factor. 

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A better understanding of local business pages and their appearance in the knowledge panel.

Via: +Tim Capper 

What happens when Google Displays the wrong business in the knowledge panel?

#localbusinesslistings   #localbusiness  

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Does your E-commerce strategy involve your delivery page?


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A Guide to recovering from a Links penalty.... aka Penguin

With Penguin 3.0 looming on the horizon, I thought it prudent to publish a Guide to Unnatural Links Penalty: Audit, Removal and Recovery

There has been a very long delay in the forthcoming Penguin Update ( Oct 4th 2013 ) since then site owners that cleaned up their sites have been languishing in a Penguin hell, Spam queries are running rampant and the Negative SEO industry has taken hold, hell there is even Extortion going on.

When 3.0 is released, this could be another animal altogether.

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Insights for all Google Plus Pages, not just Local

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New View Count in your Google+ Profile and Page

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