So, I've ordered a large graphics tablet (with a little help from some xmas amazon vouchers), and in a few days I should be ready to get started on some digital painting. I love real paint, but don't currently have the space to work on the scale I like, and I'm interested in including some photographic resources in my work. Plus, I make a lot of mistakes.

Some of my influences are Jan Saudek, Willem De Kooning, Arthur Rackham, Jackson Pollock, Alphonse Mucha, +Abigail Christiansen , +Kelly Vivanco , +Guy Garnier , +James Jean. I have no idea yet how these different styles can be combined: abstract expressionism on the one hand, illustrative delineation of dark beauty on the other; there's an implicit conflict here - but that's what makes it feel like an interesting journey. Shipwreck or shore? Time will tell.
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