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So, I've ordered a large graphics tablet (with a little help from some xmas amazon vouchers), and in a few days I should be ready to get started on some digital painting. I love real paint, but don't currently have the space to work on the scale I like, and I'm interested in including some photographic resources in my work. Plus, I make a lot of mistakes.

Some of my influences are Jan Saudek, Willem De Kooning, Arthur Rackham, Jackson Pollock, Alphonse Mucha, +Abigail Christiansen , +Kelly Vivanco , +Guy Garnier , +James Jean. I have no idea yet how these different styles can be combined: abstract expressionism on the one hand, illustrative delineation of dark beauty on the other; there's an implicit conflict here - but that's what makes it feel like an interesting journey. Shipwreck or shore? Time will tell.
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I know that shipwreck or shore, I'm looking forward to watching your journey! :D (And that's what it's about, right, that journey?)

For what it's worth - I've been told I shouldn't do what I am doing (currently) a few times.

Also, I LOVE my tablet. My pen has replaced my mouse almost entirely, with the exception of gaming, where games don't support the pen. Of course, there are minor problems with this - like when I absent-mindedly walk off with the pen stuck in a pocket and then can't remember what I did with it when I sit back down, or the pen rolls off the desk and under it. ;)
Do you mean you've been told you shouldn't devote your time to art, or you shouldn't paint in the way you do? Or something else entirely?

But yes, you're right, it is absolutely about the journey. There are no destinations, only staging-posts.

But you've got me worried now - I'm always losing pens!
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