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Portage Communications Call Center Workforce Management Software
Affordable call center workforce management for maximum productivity
Affordable call center workforce management for maximum productivity


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What is AgentTime?
AgentTime is a stand-alone call center workforce management software (WFM) product.  It predicts the optimum number of agents you need to meet your service levels for each time period in your work week, maintains a database of possible/allowable shift definitions and agent availabilities, and then creates optimal agent work schedules for a given week.

 Is it used for inbound or outbound call centers?
It is designed for inbound call centers and for call centers that do both.  AgentTime will perform call blending where it will reassign agents from inbound to outbound or other work duty (email, chat, etc.) in overstaffed time periods, and vice versa for understaffed time periods.

 How many agent groups and how many weeks into the future can it schedule?
You may create as many schedules for weeks into the future for as many agent groups as you like.  Each schedule is just a new data file that gets saved.

 How does AgentTime compare with other call center WFM systems?
AgentTime is an easy-to-use inexpensive product when compared to the full blown call center WFM systems on the market.  Our affordable pricing is targeted to small and medium sized call centers who may not want to spend $40,000.00 and more for expensive on-premise systems, or $15 to $30 per agent per month for cloud based solutions.   AgentTime is specifically designed for the unique scheduling operations of call centers  -- not just simple employee scheduling.

How does it work?
AgentTime accepts the optimal agent requirements created from either our Call Center Designer or SimACD staffing engines to then assign agents to work shifts based on their availability, priority and preferences. The user creates shift definitions, a list of agents describing the shifts they are available for in order of preference along with their hire dates and rank. AgentTime’s scheduling algorithm then creates optimal schedules based on the requirements and the profiles of the available agents. Shift assignments include inbound or blended phone duty, email, automated optimal placement of lunches and breaks, meetings, training, and other work activities.
Our Flex-Shift™ optimization performs a second optimizing pass through the agents’ schedules to make the total agent group schedule even more closely match up with the agent level requirements in blended and multi-channel centers.  Tasks like outbound calling, email follow-ups or chat are optimally placed on a time period by time period basis.  The Flex-Shift algorithm will intelligently predict when to switch agents back and forth from inbound to outbound and other work to create the most optimum schedule possible.  See the flowchart at the bottom of this post.

 Who would be a typical buyer of AgentTime?
Our typical buyer has a call center with one or a number of agent groups of between 20 and 150 agents each.  They usually are scheduling their agents using Excel sheets of their own design and are looking for something more sophisticated and efficient but still at a comparatively low cost.  We have also sold AgentTime to customers who already had high-end WFM systems but were frustrated by the time and complexity involved in using them.

 What is the cost?
AgentTime (which includes our Call Center Designer and SimACD staffing modules) costs from $2800 to $6800 US depending on the size of the call center.  There are no other costs: no monthly fees, no set-up fees, no customer support fees.

 What operating systems does it run on and how much disk space does it take?
Our software runs on all versions of Windows.  The installed application takes up 10MB, each scheduled week’s data file is 7MB.

 How is the software licensed?
One copy of AgentTime may be installed on multiple managers' workstations at a single physically located call center.  All the managers can work on any created schedules.  We discount the pricing for multi-site installations.  If you buy just the Call Center Designer and SimACD tools without the scheduler, that software is sold on a per workstation basis.

 What product support do you provide?
Portage Communications provides free telephone and email support.  You do not have to buy any "support package".

How is AgentTime delivered?
On two CDs with a 110 page User Guide.  We can also arrange a download link if you like.

 What are some of the companies that have bought your software?
You can view a partial customer list here.

How do I learn more?
Contact us to schedule an online demo using GotoMeeting.  We’ll take you through the screens and show you how schedules are built.  You can also download a descriptive PDF at

Do you sell internationally?
We certainly do.  About half of our sales are outside our home country of the United States.  Also, we are always looking for representation and re-sellers worldwide.

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Portage Communications, LLC., founded in 1994, creates and markets call center workforce management software for maximum productivity.

Call Center Designer™ is used to calculate optimum agent levels based on desired service levels.

SimACD ™ provides the industry’s best software simulation of ACD dynamics that simulates call handling, queuing, abandonment, caller re-try, overflow and blockage.

The AgentTime™ Scheduler fills out this product line to create a complete and affordable call center workforce management solution for small and medium sized call centers.

 AgentTime allows organizations to manage their agents, not their workforce management system.

Free telephone customer support and training help.

No ongoing fees or subscription costs. The one-time purchase is the only expense.

The software can be installed on multiple managers’ workstations as long as they are physically located at one call center.

Contact us for a demo! 
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