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Home Two years
This will be the last post on this blog. I have ideas for other blogs, but with all the changes in life, I am ready to put an end to this blog. I wanted to do one last update on our Bozhi. There have been so many people that have supported him on his journe...

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Its been quite a day, and I am reminded once again, I am not perfect...
It may seem obvious to some, but it just needs to be said. And today more than any other days, I am so very aware! I am not perfect. A year and a half ago, right after we brought Bozhidar home, in the middle of life falling apart as I have written so often,...

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Happy Birthday Nathan!
Today is one of my favorite people in the world's birthdays. I am thankful to celebrate the amazing person that he is. Thirteen years ago, we came home from the hospital, on his birthday. It was my present to him, his first baby girl, and I have never been ...

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She is 13!!!
I have no idea how this happened, but somehow it did, today, she is thirteen.  Suddenly now I am the mom of a teenager. I do not feel old enough to have a teenager. But I also cannot remember what my life was like before I was her mom. And I have cried many...

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Happy Birthday Verity!
Tomorrow, my little Verity turns 5! It seems like we always travel on her birthday, and this year is no different, so she gets the joy of  driving for hours, but it is tradition and she gets to see family.  We try to make it as exciting as possible. We also...

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A few thoughts on the past year…
I have said all too cryptically over the past month and year
how hard life has been. And I guess I still have to just stay there in the
abstract. But, there have been moments when I wanted to shout it, in all its
ugliness, I have wanted to point fingers and...

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Home One Year... You have come a long way baby!
One year ago, on May 7th, 2014, my mom and I were in Eastern Europe picking up a little boy from an orphanage. The responsibility of that was not lost on me. When we traveled five months earlier to meet this little boy, we cried, terrified that we would nev...

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Happy 10th Birthday Karis Rose!
Today my sweet Karis turns 10! Dear sweet Karis, Ten years ago you made me a mom again! My sweet Valentine! You came into this world a week early, already doing things on your terms. You have challenged me every day of your life, stretching me to become a b...

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Happy Birthday Bozhidar!
Today you turn 8! And we get to celebrate. For the past week your sisters and brother have told you your birthday is coming. That you will get cake and macaroni and cheese and presents. They have said it so often now, that you get so excited! You clench you...
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