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I want to travel travel travel and travel

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#minecraft  question.. My son is wanting to play Minecraft on my laptop.  (Macbook Pro) We currently own the XBOX 360 disc, but is that different when playing online?  Can I not register the game? DO I NEED TO BUY AND DOWNLOAD THE GAME?!?! That would be pretty annoying as I've already purchased the game.... 


Help! Ok so far I've replaced the battery 2 times in my MacBook Pro (early 2009 model) and have had the same result:
Charges to about 64%, then dies.
I bought two different batteries with the best Amazon reviews.
(One was from Key Power, the other from Anker)
Prior to replacing my battery, I visited the Apple Store to receive a diagnostics test, as the cd drive stopped working. They said everything looks fine, aside from my cd drive burning out, and that I would need to replace my battery very soon.
Maybe it's time to schedule another genius appointment.

What is a reputable and awesome receipt capture app?  I'm quite awful at categorizing receipts.....

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I am looking for a cannoli recipe that doesn't require deep frying.  Anyone have any experience with this?

Bed and breakfasts in Lousiville?
Cool things to do in Louisville?
Taking Scotty downtown tonight for an unplanned date night last minute soooo........ help!
Overnight stay into tomorrow. 

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Hey Google Plussers! Please follow our page!  We have opened a bakery inside the Cincinnati Mall! Stop by and visit!!!! More updates to come!

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Today is the day! Soft opening for The Almond Sisters (meaning I don't have everything set up but I baked a whole buncha goodies) at the Cincinnati Mall! I'm sort of close to the food court.

More pics to come!

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