is now online, and along with it the very first pre-alpha release of CraftStudio! Here are some notes:

What is CraftStudio, you ask?
CraftStudio is tool for building games & movies with your friends, then sharing them with the world. You could think of it as Minecraft with cubic 3d modeling & scripting built-in. That is the long term plan, though.

What's in CraftStudio Pre-alpha 0.0.1?
This initial release has basically no useful functionality. It only allows you to log in to the master server, automatically grab the latest version, join a project and chat with other online members.

So why should I try it?
To help me fix bugs and find issues!

If you like the idea, create an account, download the game, start it, add a project (either by running your own server or join the "First Game!" project which is hosted on If anything breaks in the process, let me know either here or on Twitter (@elisee) or even on IRC if you're into that kind of stuff (#craftstudio on

Is it free?
Once leaving the pre-alpha stage, it'll cost a few bucks. But let's not get ahead of ourselves: right now and for the forseeable future, it's free!

For more info, check out my G+ feed or feel free to ask anything you'd like right here!
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