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USA - United States of America on Google+!
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Eichorn Pinnacle Sunset Yosemite National Park, California by Grant Ordelheide
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Kelia Moniz Longboarding Waikiki, Hawaii!
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+GoPro  HD Dreams with Kelia Moniz

Join Roxy surfer Kelia Moniz on a longboard session at the beautiful Waikiki Beach. Listen in as she shares her dreams and aspirations with lil' grommet surfer Lily Richards.

Watch the video here:
Suscribe to GoPro Youtube here:

#Gif #GoPro #Surfing  
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Ocean Adventures! You are invited to share!
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Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii, USA!
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Bruce Irons at Pipeline!
#surfing   #surferphotos  
Photo of the Day: Bruce Irons, Pipeline. Photo: Noyle
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Linda imagem 
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Google Glass Gets a New Name and Hires from Amazon!
#googleglass   #wearabletech   #projectaura  
The Google Glass team has reportedly been renamed Project Aura.

Google has reportedly renamed the Google Glass team to Project Aura and they have begun swooping up employees from Lab126 which was formally the home of the team that worked on Amazon's Fire phone. In addition, Project Aura is being led by Ivy Ross and she reports to Tony Fadell.

#Google #Glass #Project #Aura
Google Inc.’s troubled Glass connected eyewear project is getting a new name, Project Aura, and new hires from Inc.
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How To Help the Victims of the Ecuador Earthquake!
#humanitarianaid   #ecuador  
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Braving the shorebreak!
#surfing   #gif  
Who is JOB 4.0 - Tubing & Shorebreak Madness

+Red Bull episode 2 into death-barrels at Keiki Shorebreak.

Watch the video here:
Subscribe to Red Bull #Youtube here:

#Gifs #RedBull #Surfing 
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Dion Agius goes for the biggest floaters ever!
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Sharing Google+ USA from California To Florida to New York to Alaska! Fan page, not associated with Google.
Celebrating the United States of America from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from the Rocky Mountains to the Sierras, from Mount Rushmore to Yosemite to New York City and the Statue of Liberty! Please Join Us on Google+! Sharing Fine Photography from America's Best Photographers on Google Plus and Beyond! Great Landscape Photography and Nature Photography as well as Architecture and History!

The United States of America! - From Montgomery Alabama to Helena Montana, Juneau Alaska, Lincoln Nebraska, Phoenix Arizona, Carson City Nevada, Little Rock Arkansas, Concord New Hampshire, Sacramento California and Los Angeles, Trenton New Jersey, Denver Colorado, Santa Fe New Mexico, Hartford Connecticut, Albany New York and New York City.

From Dover Delaware to Raleigh North Carolina, Tallahassee Florida and Miami, Bismarck North Dakota, Atlanta Georgia, Columbus Ohio, Honolulu Hawaii and Maui, Kauai and the Big Island, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Boise Idaho, Salem Oregon and Eugene, Springfield Illinois, Harrisburg Pennsylvania and Indianapolis Indiana, 

From Providence Rhode Island to Des Moines Iowa, Columbia South Carolina, Topeka Kansas, Pierre South Dakota, Frankfort Kentucky, Nashville Tennessee, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Austin Texas, Augusta Maine and Salt Lake City Utah.

From Annapolis Maryland to Montpelier Vermont, Boston Massachusetts, Richmond Virginia, Lansing Michigan, Olympia Washington and Seattle, Saint Paul Minnesota, Charleston West Virginia and Jackson Mississippi.

From Madison Wisconsin and Milwaukee to Jefferson City Missouri, Cheyenne Wyoming, Washington DC. The USA! 

Thanks to all the great landscape photographers and nature photographers on Google+ and sharing in the social media world and on their websites.

Note: This page is not associated in any way with Google, Inc. (just fans of the technology!).