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Always young at heart (^_^)v
Always young at heart (^_^)v

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Recently, idk what to do .. Look at the surronding .. Ehm hmm, Whitey (baby android) is there  .. unlock and slides left and right to see ..
Aeyh opened my game’s folder . Slide the screen up and down . And Aeyh saw TETRIS. Hence, Aeyh open the application and play ..

It was there from first I had her which is two years ago before I joined NMIT in JB. Still remember this is the way Aeyh filled-up my free times in my rooms at Grand Paradise Hotel (now changed to Jay Hotel) after finish my class either on evening or at nights. 

Up to level 3, I had made a wrong moves and it was blocking my blanko areas and didn’t result to clear the lines down there.


Aeyh tried to solved it and reduce the height of the top line that will result to failure . Aeyh just follow the flow, and the blanco is about to reduce when I manage to cleared the blocking lines . Proud that I manage to reach level 9 with high score .


While playing, Aeyh had a deep thoughts . If only our life like tetris . After each mistakes made will be able to fix it . 

Well, maybe it does . Lines is like each day we had . Once we managed to fill the lines, it will disappear by increasing our scores . That’s mean that day was passed successfully . And the scores represent the knowledge and experience we had . Regardless, any shits happen, the line in increasing and getting closer with the top which is an emergency phase that if you didn’t manage to settle down, will result to failure and game over . The longer we keep the problems unsolved, the higher the lines get . 

But then, as the scores increases, you will get into the next level results to tougher life it would be . Because life is a challenge ! The higher the level, the faster the speed and the less time given . Uhm-hmm ~

Guess I had sudden deep thought ..

Just . Relate . It ..

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